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Alfie Swann is a junior scholar at the Wundrous Society and part of the Charlton Five. During the events of Wundersmith, Alfie is kidnapped and eventually loses his knack.


At around the age of 11, Alfie was chosen by Baz Charlton to take the Wundrous Society Entrance Trials. At the show trial, it can be assumed that he presented his knack for breathing underwater. After becoming a scholar, Alfie also became part of the Charlton Five, a group of scholars selected by Baz. He seemed to have become acquainted with Heloise Redchurch, and formed a deeper relationship with her later, becoming her boyfriend. She was upset at his later disappearance. Alfie was kidnapped and taken to the Ghastly Market. He was put in an auction but rescued by Morrigan Crow. He lost his knack, and during the events of the novel Hollowpox Morrigan was unsure about whether he was still a society member.

Abilities and Skills


Alfie was able to breathe underwater.


Heloise Redchurch

Heloise is Alfie's boyfriend, and was distraught about his disappearance. She seemed to care for him and became emotional when mentioned by Morrigan after the events of his rescue.

Charlton Five

It can be assumed that Alfie had a relatively good relationship with the Charlton Five, particularly because of his relationship with Heloise, who was another member.


Alfie is a diminutive of the popular name Alfred, meaning "elf counsel." This comes from the Old English name Ælfræd which combined the elements ælf ("elf") and ræd ("counsel").[1]

Swann, likely from Swan, was a nickname given to someone who either resembled the bird or was noted for purity or excellence (attributes associated with the bird).[2] Other possibilities include being the English form for germanic surnames meaning swan, or even a variant of the surname Swain (swein the Middle English word meaning "young man attendant upon a knight").[3] As Alfie's knack is based around water and he is said to have poor grades, it is likely that his surname is more of a play on the bird being a waterfowl then the attributes it is associated with.

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The Charlton Five

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