"This 'spider thing,' as you've indelicately baptized it, is called an arachnipod, and it is the most exquisite machine ever built."
―Jupiter's high opinion of his arachnipod Octavia[src]
An Arachnipod is a mechanical all-terrain vehicle. Made of brass, arachnipod's stand two stories high on eight spindly legs.[1] Their spider-like look is how they received their name.


Not much is known as to the history of arachnipods at this time. Only two were ever created, one of which ended up in Jupiter North's possession, likely a gift from the inventory who he knew. Arachnipods are said to be out of fashion as other modes of transport are used, however they are all-terrain and therefore useful in any circumstance.


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Arachnid is the singular form of an animal in the class of joint-legged invertebrate animals. Spiders make up the largest order in the arachnida class. All arachnids have eight legs and a body divided into two sections. The pod part of the arachnipod name likely refers to the pod where the passengers sit during transport.

Behind the Scenes

  • Jupiter's arachnipod's name is Octavia, which is a feminine name meaning "eight." It is unknown what the other arachnipod's name is, if it was named.


Notes and References

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