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"Just Arch. Only my grandma calls me Archan."
―Archan on his name[src]

Archan Tate is a pickpocket and a member of Unit 919. He is first mentioned in Nevermoor during the Show Trial. He is a supporting character in Wundersmith and Hollowpox.


Early Life

Currently, nothing is known of Archan's life before joining the Wundrous Society. He mentions in Wundermith that he simply “picked up” his knack of pickpocketing.

During the Show Trial, Archan played his violin while walking around. While he played very well, the High Council of Elders were not inclined to add him to the leaderboard until Archan returned to the stage and emptied his pockets of jewelry, money, and other small items that he had collected while he played, showing that his true knack was pickpocketing. His performance earned him a spot in the Top Nine and ultimately as part of Unit 919.

Wundrous Society Years

Year One

Archan joined the rest of his unit for the inauguration ceremony at Proudfoot House. Following the ceremony he learned (along with his fellow unit members and their patrons) that Morrigan Crow was a Wundersmith, causing friction within Unit 919 for almost three quarters of the school year. Archan took a number of classes with other unit members, including 'Decoding Nevermoor' and 'Recognizing Mesmerism,' as well as classes on his own including a heist master class with the greatest art thief in Nevermoor history.

Near the beginning of summer Unit 919 became the victims of blackmailers. Archan reluctantly voted to ignore the notes and allow the blackmailers to tell their unit's secret, losing by one vote. Not long after Unit 919 witnessed Morrigan shoot a fireball from her mouth following an encounter with Heloise Redchurch, causing Morrigan's suspension from attending classes at Wunsoc.

During the first week back following the summer holidays, Archan was blackmailed into stealing a lock of hair from Scholar Mistress Dearborn, though he felt guilty and left an anonymous apology note afterwards (Morrigan had compared such an act to stealing a scale from a dragon). This caused Ms. Dearborn to call for a surprise exam period. The 'Decoding Nevermoor' exam ended as an automatic fail for the entire unit as one team did not arrive back in time altogether. The majority of the Unit at this time started to completely ignore Morrigan.

Following Hallowmas, Archan attended the Wunsoc assembly with Unit 919 where Morrigan would reveal she was a Wundersmith to the present Wunsoc members, though this and the blackmailing would be revealed to be part of the Unit's Loyalty Trial in which Unit 919 would pass. This would prove to be a turning point as the Unit was now on friendlier terms then they had been before.

Year Two

Archan was part of the Golder's Night.

Physical Appearance

Arch is described as a small, sweet-faced boy who is almost angelic looking.

Personality and Traits

Shown to be shy and sheepish about his knack. Noted to be an exceptionally talented liar.

Morrigan initially viewed Arch as someone whose knack didn't fit his sweet-looking appearance. He tends to behave politely, generally acting quite tactful towards his friends. He can be seen helping his classmates and expressing thoughtfulness, such as when he made tea for a tired Anah or passed around timetables. He is occasionally a bit timid, and has a tendency to express inwardly-directed embarrassment or guilt. This was seen to a degree when he became very guilty about taking a lock of the Scholar Mistress' hair (after being blackmailed) and eventually sent an anonymous apology letter.

Abilities and Skills

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Archan's knack is pickpocketing. For his Show Trial, he played a violin while moving through the crowd, before revealing at the end that he had taken goods from members of the audience while doing it.


Archan is a reasonably talented violinist. His finger dexterity from playing may help him with pickpocketing and vice versa.


Noted to be adept and an exceptionally talented liar.


  • Violin


Unit 919

Quite helpful and nice to his peers, Arch appears to get along with many of the other scholars.


While fearful at first, Archan has eventually thawed in the events of Hollowpox and is shown to be comfortable with having a wundersmith in his unit, to the extent of joking with Morrigan on the hometrain.


Arch seems to have a positive relationship with Hawthorne, who was very interested by Arch's knack.

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Archan is most likely Sanskrit in origin and means either "worship" or "offerings to God."

Tate (pronounced TAYT) is an English surname that comes from the Old English given name Tata (unknown origin and meaning)[1].

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