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Cadence Lenore Blackburn is a mesmerist and a member of Unit 919 who ended up finishing the Show Trial in second or third place. Cadence and Morrigan Crow met at least once during each of the entrance trials. While they initially dislike each other, they become best friends by the end of their first year at the Wundrous Society.

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Early Life

Wundrous Society Trials

Cadence first appears as a contestant in the trials as one of Baz Charlton's candidates. Cadence, at first, seemed to be friends with Noelle Devereaux, but uses her mesmerist abilities to prank her by having Hawthorne Swift drop a jelly sculpture on Noelle. At the Book Trial Cadence intimidates other contestants into dropping out. During the Chase Trial Cadence rides a rhino; she is unable to control it. She was then offered help from Morrigan who gave Cadence a ride on Fenestra. After Morrigan hits the gold target and wins, Cadence convinces a race official that Fenestra was her steed as she was riding in front so she can keep going through the trials. Because the target Morrigan hit was gold, Cadence is given an invitation to a feast with the elders. Part way through the Fright Trial, Cadence and Morrigan meet again. Cadence is surprised that Morrigan remembered her. She then pushes Morrigan into the lake before going in herself. When it is her turn at the Show Trial, Cadence reveals that she is a mesmerist through a video she made of herself. The video shows her mesmerizing Hawthorne into throwing Jelly at Noelle, mesmerizing a police officer into handcuffing himself, and getting another candidate disqualified so that Morrigan could go on to the Fright Trial. The last time Morrigan sees her before the inauguration ceremony, Cadence mesmerizes Inspector Flintlock into believing Morrigan is a legal citizen of Nevermoor.

Wundrous Society Years

Year One

Cadence joined the rest of Unit 919 for the inauguration ceremony at Proudfoot House. Following the ceremony, she learned (along with her fellow unit members and their patrons) that Morrigan Crow was a Wundersmith, causing friction within the unit for almost the remainder of the school year.

Cadence took a number of classes with other unit members including Decoding Nevermoor and Recognizing Mesmerism, as well as taking classes on her own, including The Art of Interrogation.

As the rest of the unit started to slowly warm up to Morrigan, Unit 919 became victims of blackmail near the beginning of summer. Cadence voted to comply with the demands of the blackmailers, narrowly winning by one vote. Cadence was paired with Morrigan and Hawthorne in class where they discussed the Ghastly Market and the Bonesmen after Morrigan had a close encounter during an assignment. Not long after, Cadence and the rest of the unit witnessed Morrigan shoot a fireball from her mouth following an encounter with bully Heloise Redchurch, causing Morrigan to be suspended from Wunsoc.

Over the summer holidays, Cadence found Morrigan during the Nevermoor Bazaar to tell her about the Ghastly Market being real. The two girls went to the nefarious market and ended up rescuing a Magnificat cub and Alfie Swann, who had been missing. Cadence was the only one of Morrigan's classmates, excluding Hawthorne, who visited with her over the summer holidays and kept her up to date with what was happening with the rest of the unit. She tells Morrigan that the blackmailers told her to embarrass her patron (via mesmerization) while he gives a speech, which she makes him utterly humiliate himself at without remorse, which makes Morrigan very happy.

Following the summer holidays, and because of other blackmail events, Scholar Mistress Dearborn called for an exam period. The 'Decoding Nevermoor' exam ended as an automatic fail for the entire unit as one team did not arrive back in time altogether. The majority of the Unit at this time started to completely ignore Morrigan. Cadence, however, started to like Morrigan more after this point.

Cadence was abducted sometime on Hallowmas to be sold at the Ghastly Market for her mesmerist knack. She was ultimately saved by Hawthorne (who finally started to remember her), Morrigan, and Professor Onstald, who sacrificed his life to save everyone else. Following Hallowmas, Cadence attended the Wunsoc assembly where Morrigan would reveal she was a Wundersmith to the present Wunsoc members, though this and the blackmailing would be revealed to be part of the Unit's Loyalty Trial in which Unit 919 would pass. This would prove to be a turning point as the Unit was now on friendlier terms then they had been before. Morrigan joined Cadence and Lambeth in the Arcane division from this point on.

Year Two

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In her second year in the Wundrous Society, Cadence was noticeably more remembered by her fellow Unit members. She was also warmer towards Morrigan.

Year Three

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Physical Appearance

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When Cadence first appears she is described as a 'tall, wiry girl with dark brown skin'. She also has her hair in a long black braid. Her eyes are a deep brown that glint in the sun.

Personality and Traits


Cadence tends to show sarcastic traits towards the members of the unit and often makes dry, somewhat snarky comments.


Cadence has shown that she is an ambitious and perhaps stubborn person. During the Chase trial, she pushed past Morrigan while riding Fenestra despite being rescued by Morrigan, in order to finish the challenge. She has shown determination various times.


Cadence has used her knack at times to achieve goals, and has caused people to do things with it. She has used qualities of other people, or other people's affiliations, to reach certain plans. This was perhaps shown when she mesmerised Hawthorne into pranking Noelle, or when she pushed past Morrigan during the Chase Trial.


Cadence seems not to care about rules and positions of decorum to a high degree. She has been seen breaking rules and is willing to go against certain people if she disagrees with them or she believes they are doing something not right. She may show seemingly cutting behavior to people at times, but is loyal to her classmates and wiling to stand up for them. While she can be cynical, she can be practical and perhaps more reasonable than Morrigan at times, being able to recognize slightly more irrational pessimism that Morrigan may be expressing.

Abilities and Skills

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Cadence is a mesmerist, which means she can get people to do what she wants, but it also means that people forget her. Morrigan has a rare talent of being able to remember her. The rest of the Unit takes Recognizing Mesmerism classes, and soon they remember her, too.


Morrigan Crow

When Cadence and Morrigan first met they hated each other. However once Cadence realized Morrigan remembered her they began to be a sort of friends. Cadence uses her mesmerist skills to help Morrigan such as getting her back into the trial and making Inspector Flintlock think Morrigan had legal papers. Once they were both in Unit 919 they became good friends, with Morrigan recognizing Cadence as a best friend along with Hawthorne.

Unit 919

Cadence is part of Unit 919. The unit was hostile at first to her because of her mesmerist abilities and sometimes forgot about her. However, by the end of Wundersmith, Cadence has become good friends with most people in the Unit.


Cadence (pronounced KAY-dəns) is a modern English name that comes from the word meaning "rhythm, flow." The name has only been in use since the 20th century.[1] As she uses a buzzing/humming voice and words to mesmerize people, this is a very apt name.

Lenore is an English diminutive of the name Eleanor[2], itself an Old French form of the Occitan name Aliénor. The Occitan phrase alia Aenor means "the other Aenor." However, the meaning of the name Aenor is unknown.[3] In other literature, Lenore is the name of the narrator's dead love in the Edgar Allan Poe poem "The Raven." It is possible that Townsend was aware of the name of love interest in one of English's most famous poems - a mystical poem about a Crow that repeatedly says "Nevermore".

The surname Blackburn comes from a Lancashire city. The Old English word means "black stream/brook."[4]

Trivia and Behind-the-Scenes

  • In the same group with Morrigan and Francis waiting to take the Oral portion of the Book Trial
  • Rode a Rhino for the Chase Trial
  • Was possibly only one of two people to go for the candle in the lake (the other being Morrigan)
  • Her door is mentioned to be forest green, 3 down from Morrigan's - it leads to the living room in her home
  • She needed three signatories for her safeguard pact



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