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Dame Chanda Kali is an opera singer, attracting animals with her voice. She is also a member of the Wundrous Society. She is the first to jump off the balustrade during the Morningtide event held on the roof of the Hotel Deucalion.

She has 6 suitors, one for each evening of the week, except Sundays when she gives (well-attended and famous) concerts in the Hotel Deucalion's Music Salon.

Physical Appearance

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Abilities and Skills


Dame Chanda's knack is attracting animals/humans/wunimals with her incredible singing voice.


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Jupiter North

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Hotel Deucalion Staff

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Morrigan Crow

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Juvela De Flimsé

Dame Chanda is good friends with Juvela, and was highly upset when she found that she had the Hollowpox. Chanda is a model for many of Juvela's designs and products and Juvela has called Chanda her muse.


Chanda (चण्डा) is a Sanskrit name that means "fierce, hot, passionate."[1]

Kali (काली), another Sanskrit name, means "the black one." It is the name of a destructive Hindu goddess, the wife of Shiva.[2]


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