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Containment and Distraction (abbreviated as C&D) describes the real purpose of the Wundrous Society. Using their talents to contain the monsters that lurk within Nevermoor, and to distract the citizens while they are undergoing the containment. This can take a variety of forms, some include Golders Night, fireworks, or a parade.

Only introduced to scholars after they pass their loyalty test, they will have two groups, handling the beasts and public of Nevermoor, the former is usually a defined procedure, the second needs to constantly change and adapt, although revisiting old distractions is also acceptable. It is noted that distractions don't always require a full participation rate, as it is implied that the Wundrous Society can handle at least a 15 percent unparticipative population. Scholars are encouraged to give ideas of their own and cover the issues in their field or department.

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