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Chancellor Corvus Crow is the father of Morrigan, Guntram, and Wolfram Crow and a politician in Great Wolfacre.


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Physical Appearance

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Personality and Traits

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Abilities and Skills

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It is obvious that Corvus dislikes Morrigan, and most likely hates her. He only uses her to promote popularity by acting as a grieving father. When Morrigan was assumed to be dead, Corvus seemed happy, and didn't care that she was gone. After her supposed death, Ivy, Grandmother, and he swore to never speak the name Morrigan again.


Ivy is Morrigan‘s stepmother. Corvus married her after the death of Morrigan’s mother. Corvus generally lets her handle things such as Morrigan’s coffin and his office paint color. He also lets her boss Morrigan around.


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Left & Right

Left and Right are Corvus's personal assistants; he doesn't bother to learn their real names after replacing them so many times.


The name Corvus comes from the Latin corvus meaning "raven."[1]

Crow comes from the Middle English crow, itself from the Old English crawa. It was applied as a nickname for someone with dark hair or complexion, or for someone thought to resemble the bird in some other way.[2]

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