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The Elders' Hall is a cavernous hallway in Proudfoot House that is occupied by the High Council of Elders. Due to the vital nature of the Elders' roles in the Wundrous Society, visiting the Hall is considered to be a rare honour, but the room is also used for other important and private affairs involving The Wundrous Society, for example, the Elders' Secret Dinner.

The room is the site for the discussion of whether Morrigan is safe among other scholars following her accidental attack on Heloise Redchurch. The discussion takes place between the Elders, Jupiter North, Baz Charlton and Hemingway Onstald, resulting in Morrigan being temporarily banned from the campus.


The room is large, cavernous and filled with nine imposing statues. These include an amethyst puppet master, a blindfolded man made from turquoise, a rose-quartz woman with eight pointed arms, a pair of marble conjoined twins and an amber man with candles for hands. The entrance to the room is a set of oak double-doors.

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