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Emmett is a stuffed toy rabbit that currently belongs to Morrigan Crow.


When Emmett was newly bought or made, he belonged to the late mother of Morrigan Crow when she was a girl. Emmett would later be passed down to Morrigan when she was was born and would be her closest friend through her early childhood. When Jupiter North comes to whisk her away to Nevermoor, Morrigan does not have time to retrieve Emmett before they abruptly leave. Emmett is the one thing she truly misses about Crow Manor.

After Morrigan is believed to be dead, Emmett is passed down to twins Guntram and Wolfram Crow when they are born. When Morrigan travels to her old home through the Gossamer Line, she is upset to see that her half-brothers have not appreciated him as she did. She is even more upset when she remembers that she cannot take him back to Nevermoor through the Gossamer Line. A short time later, Jupiter North sneaks into Crow Manor and retrieves Emmett for Morrigan and gives the toy rabbit to her while she is in hospital. Using his ability as a Witness, Jupiter tells Morrigan that Emmett once belonged to her late mother (which she did not know) and loved him just as much as she does.

Physical Appearance

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The given name Emmett originally was comes from an English surname. This surname was a diminutive of the given name Emma,[1] a short form of Germanic names that began with the element ermen meaning "whole" or "universal."[2] It is also possible that Emmett could be connected to the Hebrew אמת‎ (emét), meaning "truth."

Behind the Scenes

  • Morrigan slept with Emmett tucked beside her almost every night for eleven years.[3]
  • Ornella Crow would refer to Emmett as "that dirty old thing."[4]


  • The Velveteen Rabbit is a fictional children's story of a beloved stuffed rabbit, though with a tragic ending.


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