Ezra Squall is a Wundersmith and the main antagonist of the Nevermoor series. He was banished a hundred years ago from the fantastic world of Nevermoor for killing innocent people and doing terrible things during the Great War. He wants to be Morrigan’s patron and teach her how to control Wunder. He visits Nevermoor through the Gossamer.


Early Life

Little is known of Ezra Squall's life before the Third Age of Aristocrats. He was the cause of the Courage Square Massacre in the Great War at least 100 winters before and was thus banished from Nevermoor and the Free State. He went on to found Squall Industries in the Wintersea Republic where he was likely the second most powerful person after the President of Wintersea.

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow

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Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow

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Involvement as Mr. Jones

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow

Ezra Squall, then pretending to be Mr. Jones, is one of the bidders for Morrigan. On Eventide, after Morrigan chooses to go with Jupiter, he sends The Hunt of Smoke and Shadow after her, with the order to herd.

Later on, after the chandelier in Hotel Decaulion falls, Morrigan goes down to the lobby to inspect the damage, thinking her curse is to blame. She finds Mr. Jones in the lobby, and he is 'surprised' to see her, saying he thought she was, well... dead.

Morrigan tells him about the fallen chandelier, and he assures her that it has 'grown out,' like a tooth, and that it will simply 'grow back,' but replace itself with something new. When Mr. Jones asks about her knack, she replies truthfully, that she doesn't know. He remarks on the absurdity of that.

Mr. Jones sees Morrigan again, when she is looking for a shadow, and 'escapee' from the Hall of Shadows. He tells her that Jack was simply pulling her leg. The shadows in the Hall of Shadows are nothing more than illusion. Mr. Jones then says, "Pity you can't send a real wolf to teach him a lesson," although Morrigan never told him the shadow was a wolf.

At the end of the Fright Trial, Morrigan hears Mr. Jones' voice in her head, saying, "Shadows are shadows, Miss Crow. They want to be dark.[1]" This causes Morrigan to climb up the street lamp in the illusion, thus getting her out of the Fright Trial successfully.

Right after the Fright Trial, Morrigan sees Mr. Jones yet again. Morrigan introduces him to Hawthorne, and they wish each other a happy Hallowmas.

Morrigan meets 'Mr. Jones' again, now knowing he is Ezra Squall, on the Gossamer Line platform. Squall whisks her to her old home, Crow Manor, via the Gossamer Line. He briefly turns it into Morriganland, and reveals that, like him, Morrigan is a Wundersmith.

He also discloses that there is no curse upon her at all, and offers to teach her the ways of the Wundersmiths. She declines, and takes the Gossamer home.

Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow

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Physical Appearance

In the first book, Ezra is described as a serious-looking man with well brushed brown hair (with a splash of silver at the temples), dark shiny eyes, and a scar cutting through one eyebrow. His skin is mentioned as being so pale it is almost translucent.

As Mr. Jones

When Squall was described as Mr. Jones, he was wearing a gray suit and wire-rimmed glasses. His overall appearance is noted as looking serious and neat as well as tasteful and “immaculately groomed.”

Personality and Traits

Squall can be quite manipulative. He knows what he wants and he'll do whatever's possible to make it happen. It is apparent that he has a plan and will make it happen, although the only part of his plan yet revealed is to teach Morrigan Crow how to use Wunder and to turn her over to his side. He has been driven rather insane, and tries to make himself appear as if he is a genuinely kind, well-spoken person when in reality he is a monster. Also, it is written in Wundersmith that Ezra Squall has a beautiful singing voice.

As Mr. Jones

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Abilities and Skills

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Wunder is an invisible and powerful magic form. Although, it glows when it's present. To summon it, the Wundersmith has to sing. This is why Squall had the habit of humming and singing when he doesn’t speak to someone, one of the major reasons why the people living in the Deucalion thought he was a humming ghost. The Wunder has many abilities; it made Morrigan breathe fire, transform a young Magnificat into a fierce, fully grown one and control the people around her under the influence of Squall. Usually, the Wundersmith controls it. But if they don’t use it enough and learn to control it, it can take control of them.

Wunder has quite an history with the wundersmith. Ezra Squall mentioned a sort of love story between Wundersmith and Wunder.

Wunder is so deeply in love with the Wundersmith, it will do whatever it takes to help make the Wundersmith use it; but if the Wundersmith doesn’t know how to control the Wunder, it will control to finally destroy its summoner.


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Morrigan Crow

Morrigan has been one of only character to have any true interaction with Ezra Squall within the series so far.

Henry Mildmay

Mildmay worked with Ezra Squall to help him set up the Ghastly Market. However, It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, as he kidnapped more people than he was commissioned to, and was left with Ezra Squall.

"Never fear, I promise to take care of our dear friend Henry." - Ezra Squall

Free State Citizens

Trivia and Behind-the-Scenes

  • (Likely) Ex-member of The Wundrous Society at least 100 years before Morrigan Crow
  • Mentions that he created the Gossamer Line[2]


As Mr. Jones:

Notes and References

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