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The Fireblossom tree is an incendiary botanical[1], a tree that is continuously on fire to no harm to the plant itself (and possibly other items). By Spring of One, Third Age of Aristocrats, the fireblossom trees had been extinct for at least one hundred years.


As an extinct species, the fireblossom tree had a stark black trunk with no leaves or flowers, just spindly branches. It is unknown if the black trunk was due to the tree being dead or if that was the natural colour and state of the trunk.

It is mentioned that a fireblossom tree (or at least a dead one) is nearly impossible to chop down and can be an eyesore for gardeners.[2]

Known Trees

Two rows of the extinct species line the driveway up to Proudfoot House on the Wunsoc campus.

Behind the Scenes

Morrigan Crow read about fireblossom trees in A Vegetal History of Nevermoor as part of her preparation for her Book Trial.


Notes and References

  1. It is unknown at this time if Incendiary Botanical is another name for the Fireblossom tree or if it the family name of similar plants and fireblossom trees are one of many types of Incendiary Botanicals.
  2. Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow, Chapter 9 (Wundrous Welcome) - "...the whole species is extinct and impossible to chop down. Bit of a sore spot with the gardeners." (Jupiter North)