"Welcome to the Fright Trial . . . If you continue, we accept no responsibility for the consequences."
―Beginning the Fright Trial[src]
The Fright Trial is one of the many trials that can be chosen by the elders to act as entrance exams to the Wundrous Society. Each year, there are three random trial for candidates to prove their worth, followed by the Show Trial which is the final test and occurs every year. Other than the name, candidates are given little information beforehand about what to expect about a trial. The Fright Trial is the third trial undertaken in Unit 919's year of entry, after previously being banned two Ages before.


The purpose behind the trial showcases the candidates who are brave, daring, and resourceful. It is unknown if the Fright Trial differs each time it is taken. The candidates are told they will get two frights each, "one to be seen and one to believe." The first fright may exhibit the candidates' resourcefulness and daring, especially under pressure, while the second fright displays the candidate's courage in the face of their own deepest personal fear.

Unit 919

The Fright Trial was the third trial that Unit 919 had to complete. The trial had previously been banned because it was ‘traumatizing’. Jupiter North even called it the ‘Nervous Breakdown Trial’. The trial consisted of two parts, and it began with Morrigan being called down into a manhole, thinking she needed to help an old lady. She is then greeted by Coven 13, who tell her about the trial. She follows a candle into a cemetery which is overrun by zombies. There she meets Hawthorne, and to escape they jump into a grave hole and surface in the Wundrous Society gardens. They meet Cadence, and find a candle which leads the way to the next part of trial. Hawthorne climbs up the apple tree, and Morrigan "jumps" into the pond (she gets pushed by Cadence). She appears in a dark and dingy alleyway where she receives a note saying she has failed, and she gets chased by the Hunt of Smoke and Shadow. She eventually climbs a lamppost to escape them and passes the trial. It is believed that the second part of the trial showcased your deepest fear.

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