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"There stood the three esteemed members of the Wunsoc's High Council of Elders—Elder Gregoria Quinn, a woman whose fragile appearance [was] extremely deceptive."
―Meeting the Elders at the Inauguration Ceremony[src]

Gregoria Quinn is one of the three members of the Wundrous Society's High Council of Elders. She appears to be the spokesperson for the Elders. Her knack is unknown.

Physical Appearance

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Personality and Traits

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Gregoria is most likely a feminine form from the Latin Gregorius[1], itself derived from the greek word γρηγορος (gregoros)— "watchful, alert."[2] Gregoria was the name of the Byzantine empress and wife of Constantine III.[3]

Quinn is the Anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó Cuinn ("descendant of Conn").[4] Conn is an Irish given name that means "head" or "chief."[5]


  • She is old enough to have taught Jupiter North, his Patron, and his Patron's Patron.


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