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Hallowmas is the night when the wall between the world of the living and that of the dead is most fragile. Many celebrate the event by dressing-up and participating in celebrations, trick-or-treating, or watching the Black Parade.

The Black Parade

One of Nevermoor's most sacred traditions, the Black Parade was originally started hundreds of years ago by the Wundrous Society to honor members who had died in the previous year. It began as a silent procession of Society members dressed in black uniforms with their golden W pin at the throat marching in rows of nine through the streets. People began to watch the parade over the years in silence as to pay their respects. Some members of the procession could be seen carrying a candle to mark a departed life, also seen as gaps in the rows of nine.

Following the solemn march of the Wundrous Society, the "proper parade" (as Hawthorne Swift calls it) begins, and it turns into a boisterous, musical, and colorful celebration of Hallowmas with parade floats and marching bands. The Morden Cemetery float is a yearly favourite with many in the crowd.

The parade begins at midnight.


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