Hawthorne Swift is a member of Unit 919, finishing six or seventh in the trials, and is also Morrigan Crow's best friend. They met at the Wundrous Welcome garden party where Hawthorne looped Morrigan into a prank consisting of a barrel of toads. Soon, Morrigan invited him round to the Deucalion, as he was constantly surprised that she lived in a hotel. Throughout the book, they grow closer. In Wundersmith, Hawthorne supports Morrigan when the rest of their unit will not.


Early Life

Little is known at this time of Hawthorne's life prior to joining the Wundrous Society. He was born into the Swift family, the younger brother of Helena and Homer. Around the age of three he began dragonriding. Sometime between then and when he entered the Wundrous Society Entrance Trials Hawthorne met dragonriding champion Nancy Dawson who would become his patron.

Wundrous Society Trials

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Wundrous Society Years

Year One (Wundersmith)

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Physical Appearance

"Same blue eyes, same splotchy freckles, same gangly limbs"
―Morrigan observing Hawthorne and his mother[src]
Hawthorne is described as tall and gangly-limbed with curly hair.
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Personality and Traits

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Mischievous, fun and energetic

Abilities and Skills

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Hawthorne’s "knack" is that he is a skilled dragonrider. He has been dragonriding since he was three, and his patron was a dragonriding champion. For the Show Trial, he performed a long and complicated routine of dragonriding, full of turns and twists, and the dragon even spelled his initials out into the sky in fire at the end. Morrigan, and the rest of the crowd, were very impressed, and he was put in first place.


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Hawthorne comes from the English and Scottish surname. From the Old English haguþorn, hægþorn for the thorn used to make hedges and enclosures, usually given to someone who lived near a bush or hedge of hawthorn. The 'hawthorne' (as opposed to 'hawthorn') spelling is now found primarily in Northern Ireland.[1]

Swift comes from the English surname, originally a nickname for a swift/fast runner from the Old English swift "swift, fleet, quick." It also can be from an Irish surname that is the Anglicized form of Ó Fuada "descendant of Fuada." Fuada is derived from fuadach which means "wind-blown, pulsating, plundering."[2] Notable people with this surname include Jonathan Swift (essayist/satirist) and Taylor Swift (country and pop music star).

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