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"There stood the three esteemed members of the Wunsoc's High Council of Elders . . . Elder Helix Wong—a serious, gray-bearded man covered in tattoos"
―Meeting the Elders at the Inauguration Ceremony[src]

Helix Wong is one of the three members of the Wundrous Society's High Council of Elders.

Physical Appearance

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Personality and Traits

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While Helix is an nontraditional name, a helix (singular) is a type of smooth curve. The word helix comes from the Greek ἕλιξ, "twisted, curved."[1] It is possible that this name was chosen for it's similarity to the name Felix or for it's scientific connotations.

There are two possible variations of the Chinese surname Wong. One is a Cantonese romanization of the surname Wang (王) meaning "king, monarch." This is one of, if not the most, popular surnames, not only in China, but the world.[2] The second possibility comes from a Cantonese romanization of Huang (黄) "yellow."[3]


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