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Heloise Redchurch is a minor character in the Nevermoor series. She is an antagonist in Wundersmith.


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Physical Appearance

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Heloise has long moss-green hair.

Personality and Traits

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Heloise showed a vindictive personality and lack of kindness towards Morrigan. However, she seemed more sensitive concerning her boyfriend, and his disappearance.

Abilities and Skills

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Throwing Stars: Five spiky steel stars


Alfie Swann

Alfie is Heloise's boyfriend. She was emotional about his disappearance, and she seemed to care for him. She became emotional when he was mentioned by Morrigan after the events of his rescue.

Charlton Five

It can be assumed that Heloise has a relatively good relationship with the Charlton Five.

Morrigan Crow

Heloise showed dislike and rude, bullying behavior towards Morrigan. She was unkind about Morrigan's unknown knack, and when she later found out what it was, she was unkind about this, too, suggesting that Morrigan was dangerous. She also blamed Morrigan for Alfie's disappearance. At one point, when they were paired together for an activity, they had a slightly more civil conversation, although it was somewhat short.


Heloise is the Scandinavian and German form of the French Héloïse[2], likely derived from the Germanic Helewidis, heil meaning “hale, healthy” and wid meaning “wide.” Sometimes also associated with the Greek helios “sun.”[3]

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Notes and References

  1. Heloise is in Unit 917, two years ahead of Morrigan. She is stated to be three years older then 12-year-old Morrigan (who's birthday is the last day of the year) so she would be 15.

The Charlton Five

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