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Henry Mildmay (known as Mildmay to students in his class) was a former member of the Wundrous Society with a knack in cartography (the study and making of maps).


Not much is known about Mildmay's childhood, but is it assumed that around the age of 11, he was selected by a patron for the Wundrous Society. After completing the Wundorus Society entrance trials, he earned a place in a unit. It can be guessed that as a child, he was interested in cartography and excelled in it. However, he has mentioned that he was lonely when he was younger, and the other people in his unit had a bad opinion of his knack. Many of the others in his unit acted like he didn't belong, thinking his knack was boring. He became bitter about this. At a certain point, he became a senior scholar and and taught Unit 919.

Physical Appearance

Mildmay had golden-brown hair with longer bangs that flopped down into his eyes. He was often described as being pink-cheeked or blushing, as well as being bright-eyed.

Personality and Traits

Mildmay originally seemed friendly, casual and "unteacherly" to Morrigan. He has shown an awkward disposition and has suggested that he is quite studious and interested in cartography. He is interested in sharing what he knows about geography and is enthusiastic. He often seems to have a positive attitude, not easily becoming worried. This was shown when he didn't become very concerned about Thaddea's injury. Mildmay has described himself as bitter, and has shown that he was willing to behave traitorously to feel less excluded. As his apology for this behaviour was said to be untrue, he didn't seem to show much remorse for his behavior.

Abilities and Skills

Mildmay was a teacher, and while not having much experience, seemed to be liked by the students and had some skill with it. Mildmay has also been said to be good at acting.


Mildmay has a knack for cartography, likely a highly developed one due to the strict requirements of caliber in the Wondrous Society. He is skilled with maps and has knowledge of geography and locations, especially in Nevermoor.


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The name Henry comes from the Germanic name Heimirich meaning "home ruler." It is composed of the elements heim "home" and ric "ruler".[2] This name has been popular with many kings over the centuries.

The surname Mildmay perhaps comes from a medieval nickname for an inoffensive person, literally meaning "mild maiden."[3] It may also be composed from the words "mild" and "may/May."

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Notes and References

  1. Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow, Chapter 8 (The Living Map): "Just graduated as a Senior Scholar last year." Henry Mildmay. Depending on when Wundrous Society students graduate, this could place Henry approximately within three years. Unit 910 if senior years last four years, 911 for three years, or 912 if they last two years. Similiar is his age, 19 being the youngest and ~22 if 910 is his unit.