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Hester Fitzwilliam, first appearing in Wundersmith as patron of nephew Francis Fitzwilliam, is described as a hawkish, severe woman. Deeply mistrustful of Morrigan Crow after learning she is a Wundersmith, Hester pleads unsuccessfully with the Elders to have Morrigan thrown out of Unit 919.


Physical Appearance

Elderly woman, with auburn, greying hair and a hawkish, severe face.

Personality Traits

Abilities and Skills





Hester (HEHS-tər) is a Latin variant[1] of the Hebrew name Esther (אֶסְתֵר). The root of Esther means "hide" or "conceal" though the passive is "to be hidden." Alternately, the name can be derived from old Persian meaning "star."[2][3] The most famous fictional character bearing this name is Hester Prynne, the lead from Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel The Scarlet Letter.

Fitzwilliam, "son of William," comes from the Norman French Fitz meaning "son of" followed by the father's name.[4] William comes from the Germanic Willahelm, itself dervived from wil "will, desire (to)" and helm "helmet, protection."[5]

Trivia and Behind-The-Scenes

  • Her last name is revealed to be Fitzwilliam in Hollowpox.


Notes and References

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