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"I have been coming here for many years, and I don't believe I've ever seen her wear the same dress twice." -Mr. Jones on the Hotel Deucalion

The Hotel Deucalion (/djuːˈkeɪliən/; /djuːˈkeɪliɪn/) is a nine-star[1] hotel in Nevermoor, Free State, where Morrigan Crow, Jupiter North, and various staff live. It is thirteen stories.[2] The hotel is the primary setting of Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow, and a key setting in Wundersmith and Hollowpox. The hotel has many interesting and unique features, including a chandelier that re-grows, and bedrooms that change to match the owners personality. The Hotel is located on Humdinger Avenue with the service entrance located down Caddisfly Alley. Its chief rival is the Hotel Aurianna.


Becoming a "Wreck" and Rejuvenation

"Aye, and look at this place [The Hotel Deucalion]. It was a wreck when he found it. He took it on as a hobby and now it's the grandest hotel in Nevermoor"
―Kedgeree Burns[src]

The hotel is now a beacon of Wunder in Nevermoor, but in the recent past it needed to be found by a Witness explorer and rejuvenated. Something caused it to fall into ruin, perhaps from a lack of Wunder like the extinction of the Fireblossom Trees, perhaps a lack of patrons like in the "Grand Sulk", or perhaps because the Hotel was made by a Wundersmith and hidden like Cascade Towers after the Courage Square Massacre.

Grand Sulk

The "Grand Sulk" refers to the Deucalion's shutdown and hibernation following the hotel's closure because of the Hollowpox. After a lack of guests, the hotel's rooms began to lose their special qualities, lighting and heating; change locations; or simply lock their doors. In response to the crisis, the Deucalion staff attempted to coax the hotel out of its state of hibernation with compliments and fake parties, believing it to be hurt and annoyed.


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Front Entrance

Service Entrance

The door is wooden and curved. There is a small wooden sign that has the words ‘HOTEL DEUCALION’ written in faded gold lettering. Through the door is a short, dusty corridor lit by gas lanterns, which ends with a set of glossy black double doors that lead to the lobby.



Like other rooms in the hotel, the lobby can shift based on the moods, wants or needs of the guests. Not only this, the lobby has been known to respond to feedback on its changes, even ruffling the wings of the crow-shaped chandelier or being coaxed into remaining somewhat normal despite a lack of guests. However, the lobby does seem to have a few mostly permanent features, including the rose-pink crow-shaped chandelier, the black-and-white checkered floor tiles and the concierge desk. The room is richly furnished with potted plants and elegant furniture. A trademark spiral staircase stretches up from the lobby to the rooftop.


The bedrooms change based on the guest's mood. They constantly change and shift to best serve the wants and "needs" of the person in the room. Bedrooms can also get offended. Morrigan's room made her sleep in a doghouse shaped bed after she expressed her dislike of an abstract painting.



Notable Guests

Permanent Residents


Party Guests


  • Deucalion is the name of at least five various figures in Greek mythology
    • In many of the stories (and most prominently) he is the son of Prometheus


Notes and References

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