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The Hotel Deucalion Rooftop is a place where events can take place. It sits above fourteen stories.


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When Morrigan first arrives at the hotel, she attends the end of an Eventide party on the roof. At the sun rises on Morningtide, Jupiter North makes a short speech before guests, residents, and hotel staff step off the roof one at a time, shouting "step boldly" before floating to the ground using their brollies.[1]

In Autumn of Two, on Hallowmas, Frank hired the clairvoyant the Marvelous Malau to perform a midnight séance on the rooftop for Hallowmas partygoers. Following the Stealth telling Wundrous Society members to cancel their parties, this was the only activity that continued as planned, though only for hotel guests.[2]

In Autumn of Three, Morrigan goes to the rooftop as she tries to figure out how to destroy the hollowpox. She then uses the roof as a starting place for a temporary brolly line down to Courage Square.[3]


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