Jemmity Park is a park in Gresham, the poorest borough of Nevermoor. It is reserved for only the children of this borough and was created by the Wundersmith Odbuoy Jemmity. It is classified as a Spectacle.


Not much is known about the interior of Jemmity Park as none of the characters can get inside, but it is surrounded by a larger park that has been left to go wild.


Jemmity Park was sponsored by Hadrian Canter, who originally intended to cost so much that the people of Gresham wouldn't even be able to go there. Odbuoy Jemmity thought this was cruel, as Canter had knocked down several homes to build the park. So he added a special feature: The park can only be accessed if you are under 12 years old and a resident of Gresham.


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