John Arjuna Korrapati, more commonly known as Jack, is a secondary character in the Nevermoor series. As Jupiter North's nephew, he stays at the Hotel Deucalion when he has breaks from his boarding school. He and Morrigan Crow have a rivalry when they first meet, which slowly becomes a playful friendship.


Little is known at this point about Jack's past. Mentions in Nevermoor that he has been living at the Deucalion for the past five years.

Physical Appearance

Jack has warm brown skin, straight white teeth, and —most noticeably— a patch over his left eye. It is mentioned that he had black hair and brown eyes.

Personality and Traits

Abilities and Skills


Jack, like his uncle Jupiter is a witness. Because he hasn't mastered his knack, Jack wears an eye patch over his left eye to act as a filter so his power doesn't make him insane.


Jack has some level of musical aptitude as it is mentioned that he takes cello lessons and plays in his school's orchestra.


  • Eye patch:
  • Umbrella:


Jupiter North

Morrigan Crow


Trivia and Behind-the-Scenes

  • Mentioned to be in his third year at Graysmark School during the events of Nevermoor



Notes and References

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