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Captain Jupiter Amantius North is one of the main characters of Nevermoor. His full title is "Captain Jupiter North of the Wundrous Society, the League of Explorers, and the Federation of Nevermoorian Hoteliers". He placed a bid on Morrigan Crow so that she would enter the Wundrous Society as his candidate. Morrigan was destined to die on Eventide, so Jupiter whisks her away to Nevermoor in his Arachnipod Octavia.

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As of the third book, not many specific details are known about Jupiter's childhood. However, it is clear that at around eleven years old, he was selected for the Wundrous Society by a patron, and ended up completing the Wundrous entrance trials. It can be inferred that at the 4th trial, he presented his knack as a Witness; for seeing things. This knack was something that he said took years of training to filter and focus. At some point, perhaps after graduating as a Wundrous scholar, he was recommended to the League of Explorers, which he joined. It was likely here where he ended up discovering 17 previously unknown realms. At another point, Jupiter took on the Hotel Deucalion as a hobby. He gained multiple other responsibilities also, and became quite a well-known member of the Wundrous Society.

Two years at most before he met Morrigan, Jupiter became aware that Wunder was gathering around her. He investigated the gatherings, resulting in him secretly paying people in Crow Manor for information. He identified various Wundrous events. Eventually, Jupiter bid on Morrigan for the Wundrous Society. He sent Morrigan a contract to enter the Society Trials, which he also got Morrigan's grandmother to sign. On Eventide, he rescued Morrigan from the Hunt and Smoke of Shadow (and also her detached family), taking her to the Deucalion in Nevermoor and taking care of her after this.

Physical Appearance

"Ginger was an understatement. . . Ginger of the Year or King Ginger or Big Gingery President of the Ginger Foundation for the Incurably Ginger would have been more accurate. His mane of bright copper waves could probably have won awards."
―Morrigan about Jupiter's hair[src]

In the books, he is described as tall and skinny with wide shoulders. He has vivid ginger hair, easy to spot in crowds or in the dark. Described by Morrigan as being "Shockingly Ginger" and “Ginger of the year". He has watchful blue eyes and freckles. When Morrigan first meets him he is wearing boots, a thick woolen scarf, a slim suit with mother-of-pearl buttons, and a small golden pin representing his place in the Wundrous society. He also has a fingerprint on the top of his finger which only members of the society can see, resembling a golden W.

Personality and Traits

Jupiter is a humorous, optimistic, and somewhat eccentric man. However, when people insult or threaten those he cares about, he instantly becomes serious and intimidating, as seen with his interactions with Baz Charlton. His common nickname for Morrigan is "Mog." He is usually optimistic and energetic, and has frequently been described as having a history involving “outrageous rule-breaking”. In Wundersmith, he frequently becomes weary and exhausted from his constantly unrewarding searches for missing people.

This gives insight into his habit of taking on multiple responsibilities and jobs; something which Morrigan seems resigned to but dislikes, as she gets to see him less often. In relation to this, he has said to have always taken on challenges that no one else will. Based on his history of exploration, he could be said to be quite adventurous.

Jupiter values harmony between individuals, something that was seen when he was desperate for Morrigan and his nephew Jack to get along. He also seems to value individuals more than systems or traditions, as seen when he became very angry at the Elders for valuing the Society but not looking out for Morrigan. He feels strongly about these, and about other issues which he cares about.

Jupiter can also be a bit mysterious at times, and has described himself as nosy.

Abilities and Skills

Jupiter is somewhat of a jack-of-all trades, as he frequently involves himself in a range of different activities, many of which he has become very experienced in (for example, running the Hotel Deucalion). He is often able to divide his time between these activities and display leadership and initiative in them (for example, during his work at the time of investigation into the Hollowpox). He has many acquaintances in the feilds he works in, and has formed many positive connections.


"No. I’m not a fortune-teller. I’m a Witness. That’s the name for it. I don’t see the way things will be, I see the way things are."
―Jupiter telling Morrigan about his talent[src]

Jupiter’s "knack" is that he is a Witness. This means that he can see things that exist only in the gossamer. For example, he can look at a teapot, and tell you where it was made, who used to own it, and what mood the person who used it this morning was in. He can also see people's feelings or if something is bothering them.

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  • Finished the Wundrous Society Trials
  • Discovered 17 earlier-unknown realms
  • Started the Deucalion Hotel
  • Was the first to climb Mount Ridiculous
  • Learned to filter his Witness eyesight
  • Became secretary of the Wunimal Rights Commission and the chairman of the Charitable Trust for Decommissioned Robot Butlers
  • (In the first book) Jupiter was said to have been the 'Snazzy Man of the Year' for four years
  • Successfully escaped The Hunt of Smoke and Shadow (with Morrigan)


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John Korrapati

Also known as Jack. Jack is Jupiter’s nephew; it’s clear that they’re close and Jack has been living with Jupiter for 5 years. Jupiter tells Morrigan that he hopes she would be a bad influence on him. He trusts Jack with much of his information regarding Morrigan and recruits his nephew’s help whenever he needs it.

Morrigan Crow

Jupiter is Morrigan’s patron and he cares for her very much. He tries his best to make her feel comfortable and at home, and makes sure that she’s happy. When Morrigan thinks she’s cursed, Jupiter tries his very best to assure her that she’s not, and even goes to great lengths to crush her doubts about being a Wundersmith. He seems to think of Morrigan like a daughter.

Hotel Deucalion Staff

Even though his relationships are professional he is definitely friendly. He is kind and pays them full time when they have to shut down the Deucalion because of the Hollowpox in the third book. Jupiter treats them as friends.

The Council of Elders

Jupiter seems to have known the Wundrous Society Elders for a long time, perhaps especially Elder Quinn, who he has known since he was at the age of eleven. It is mentioned that Elder Quinn prevented him from getting expelled multiple times, and taught his patron. After the events of the Show Trial, the elders are shocked and horrified at Jupiter's choosing of Morrigan as his candidate, but Elder Quinn unexpectedly signs Morrigan's Safeguard pact, increasing the liklhihood of her being allowed in the Society. By the events of Hollowpox, the relationship between Jupiter and the Elders is strained as he feels like they don't care about Morrigan as much as the Society and its image.


Jupiter comes from the Latin Iuppiter, itself derived from the Indo-European Dyeu-pater, containing the elements Dyeus (root meaning "shine" or "sky") and pater ("father"). In Roman myth, Jupiter is the supreme god who presided over heaven and light and was responsible for the protection and laws of the Roman state. The planet Jupiter is also the largest in our solar system.[2]

Amantius is a Latin word that means "loving" and was the name of many early saints.[3]

North is an English surname for someone who lived in the north.[4] North as a direction marker ("north star, true north") is often thought of being a positive direction guide.

Behind the Scenes


  • In a Q&A on Instagram stories (before the release of Hollowpox), Jessica Townsend revealed Jupiter to be in his late thirties.[1]
  • Jessica Townsend has revealed that readers will learn more about Jupiter's patron and unit members in future novels.[5]



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