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Juvela De Flimsé is a celebrated leopardwun fashion designer that is considered something of a celebrity in the Free State. She is the first known case of the Hollowpox, attacking Morrigan and Hawthorne on the Wunderground on their journey home from the annual Battle of Christmas Eve. After being thwarted by other passengers, De Flimsé is found lying in the snow, unconscious. When she hears of the news, Dame Chanda rushes to her side, only to be denied entry due to the then top-secret Hollowpox.


Physical Appearance

As a Wunimal Major, De Flimsé is physically distinguishable from a leopard only by the usual presence of some kind of clothing such as an earring or handbag.

Personality Traits..

As a minor character, her personality is largely unknown, although we can assume she is a perfectionist, as she once left a party because a fellow guest wore a Summer dress in Autumn.

Abilities and Skills

De Flimsé is a celebrated fashion designer, designing works for well-attended Opera events.


  • Has her own line of perfumes, Whimsé by De Flimsé.



Dame Chanda Kali


Juvela (yoo-VEH-la) is from the Esperanto juvelo meaning "jewel".[1]

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