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"We call it a knack. Silly Wundrous Society-speak, of course; it merely refers to the marvelous and unique gift you possess. . ."
―Jupiter North[src]

A knack is a talent, skill, or unique gift that makes the person who has it stand out. A knack is essential for gaining entrance into the Wundrous Society (though people with knacks may choose to pursue other academic endeavors, as Jack did); it must be deemed extraordinary enough by the Elders at the Show Trial. Some knacks may be very similar to others, yet be performed differently (ex: different fighting techniques, different singing styles etc.). Knacks can range from the practical to the supernatural.

Known Knacks

Knack Character
Angel Voice Israfel

Noelle Devereaux

Animal Attraction (through singing) Chanda Kali
Breathe Underwater Alfie Swann (formerly)
Cartographer Henry Mildmay
Composer Will Gaudy
Dragon Rider Nancy Dawson (formerly)

Hawthorne Swift

Fighter Thaddea Macleod
Gastronomist Francis Fitzwilliam
Healer Anah Kahlo
Illusionist Paximus Luck
Linguist Mahir Ibrahim
Medium Conall O'Leary
Mesmerist Cadence Blackburn
Pickpocket Archan Tate
Oracle (Fire) Tilda Green
Oracle (Short-Range) Lambeth Amara
Resurrecting the dead Sofia
Shapeshifter Alice Frankenreiter
Speak to Dogs Shepherd Jones
Speak to Water Susan Keeley
Starthrower Heloise Redchurch
Tightrope Walker Marina Cheery
Timekeeper (Looper) mentioned only
Timekeeper (Preserver) mentioned only
Timekeeper (Shrinker) mentioned only
Timekeeper (Stretcher) Hemingway Onstald (learnt)
Witness John Korrapati (latent)

Jupiter North

Wundersmith Morrigan Crow

Ezra Squall

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