Lambeth Amara, in Wundersmith revealed to be Lamya Bethari Amati Ra, is a Princess from the Royal House of Ra. She is a former resident of Far East Sang in the Wintersea Republic and a member of Unit 919 of the Wundrous Society.


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Physical Appearance

Lambeth has been described as small and serious-looking, with long, black hair as smooth as silk. She is often described as having a "regal" and "tranquil" look about her, likely from her background of being a princess.  

Personality and Traits

Throughout most of WundersmithLambeth is generally quiet and detached from the rest of her unit, speaking only when her talent kicks in and she sees a few minutes into the future. She is often described as staring at the ceiling and not really paying attention to what's happening around her. However, it is eventually revealed that her real name is Princess Lamya Bethari Amati Ra, a member of the Royal House of Ra in the Wintersea Republic, smuggled into the Free State illegally (like Morrigan Crow), and that her aloof demeanor was a result of wishing to keep that a secret. When Lamya finally reveals the truth to her fellow unit members, she is very apologetic about hardly speaking to them.

Abilities and Skills

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Lambeth is what the Wundrous Society calls a "radar" - specifically, a short-range oracle. Her talent is seeing a few seconds or minutes into the future. Near the end of Wundersmith, Lambeth explains that she applied for the Wundrous Society to learn how to cope with her visions better, as they used to give her headaches.


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Unit 919


Lamya (لمياء) is an Arabic name meaning "having beautiful dark lips."[1]

Bethari is the Javanese form of the Indonesian Batari, "goddess." [2]

Amati, though unknown, is a possible archaic Italian form of the Italian Amato, itself derived from the late Latin Amatus, a name that means "beloved."[3] Amati also sounds like the English word amity which means "friendship." It is likely that she is named after her grandmother, Ama, with this name.

Ra, possibly meaning "sun," most likely comes from the sun god character from Egyptian mythology.[4]

The name Lambeth Amara was created by taking the first few letters of each of the four names and sticking them together to create the alias (Lam-Beth Ama-Ra). While there is no known meaning behind the name Lambeth, Amara means "grace" and comes from the Igbo people of Western Africa.

Trivia and Behind-the-Scenes

  • Lambeth and Morrigan are both from the Wintersea Republic and in the Free State illegally.
  • Fourth in line to inherit the throne from her grandmother


Notes and References

Unit 919

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