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"Our motto inside Wunsoc is 'Just Try Getting On Without Us.'"
―Miss Cheery, explaining the School of Mundane Arts[src]

Marina Cheery is a Wundrous Society member and the conductor for Unit 919. As a conductor, Miss Cheery transports the junior scholars to and from classes as well as acting as a guide, helping the scholars navigate their education by helping organize class schedules and getting equipment for the scholars.


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It can be inferred that Marina developed an interest in tightrope walking when she was younger. At around the age of eleven, Ms. Cheery was bid on by a Wundrous Society patron. After this, she completed the Wundrous Society trials and was placed on the leaderboard by the judges in the Show Trial. Likely sometime after completing her studies at the Wundorus Society, Marina became a conductor.

Physical Appearance

"In her oversized pink pullover, green checkered leggings, and yellow sneakers, she looked like a melted box of crayons."
―Description of Marina Cheery's outfit[src]

Miss Cheery is a tall, slender woman with excellent posture that initially makes Morrigan think she might be a ballerina. She has dark skin and black, curly, short hair, and a kind, welcoming smile. She often dresses in bright and eccentric clothing.

Personality and Traits

Miss Cheery is a kind, friendly woman who is very protective of her Unit. She makes every effort to make the new junior scholars feel welcome, and is happy to answer any questions they may have about Wunsoc. While she is initially caught off-guard by the revelation that Morrigan is a Wundersmith, she doesn't treat her any differently than she does the other scholars. She has been said to be very liked by her unit, although she has been described as lacking decorum. She can be quite spirited at times.

Abilities and Skills


Miss Cheery's knack is that she is an expert tightrope walker, meaning she has incredible balance, posture, strength, grace, and flexibility.


  • Graduating from the Wundrous Society



Unit 919

Miss Cheery is Unit 919's conductor, meaning it is her responsibility to escort them to and from Proudfoot House each day, provide them with any emotional support they need, and answer whatever questions they may have. Miss Cheery takes her job very seriously, and makes an effort to make Hometrain a fun, welcoming environment, assuring Unit 919 on their first day that there are no stupid questions in Hometrain. She is extremely protective of the children under her care, including Morrigan when she's outed as a Wundersmith.

She is technically supposed to make the scholars call her "Conductor Cheery," but refuses to do so, on the grounds that that's stupid.

Roshni Singh

Roshni works as a librarian at the Gobleian Library, and has known Miss Cheery for a long time. While she's initially hesitant to bend the rules and let Unit 919 come for a visit, she eventually relents. The two women are close and show a great deal of concern for one another, implying that they've been close friends for awhile. Near the end of Hollowpox, Morrigan overhears Roshni and Miss Cheery talking, and sees them kissing, revealing that they're a romantic couple.


Marina is the feminine form of the Roman name Marinus.[2] The Latin word marinus means "of the sea."[3]

Trivia and Behind the Scenes

  • The surname Cheery may have been chosen as a nod to the origins of the word "gay"


Notes and References

  1. Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow, Chapter 4 (Hometrain) "A curly, bulb-shaped cloud of black hair was tied back from her face with a yellow-gold scarf." This could be an afro, however the 'bulb-shaped cloud' of hair suggests that it is at least a short style

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