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Welcome New Members!

A Wundrous Welcome to everyone who has joined the Nevermoor Fandom community in the last month!
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this fandom site, especially in the last two weeks; it’s been a bit crazy how many are willing to contribute after a new novel comes out!

As admin, I try to keep on all the pages so they are easy to navigate and have some amount of harmony between them, as well as trying to keep them similar to what you would find on a regular wiki page. Please do not take it personally if I happen to reformat something you’ve just done! I try to keep others added content (as long as it’s not incorrect) even if I change the appearance or restructure for grammar reasons.
I will continue to count on all of you to help continue readers find greater joy in this beloved series. Please do not hesitate to reach out with comments and concerns to help this wiki run smoothly (or if vandalism needs to be dealt with).

Stay Wundrous!

--ThePhantomNinjaFrog (2020-11-08)