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"The kitchen cat was dead, and Morrigan was to blame."
Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow, chapter 1 opening[src]

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Morrigan Odelle Crow (b. Eventide, Winter of 12-17, Seventh Age of the Wintersea Republic) is a junior scholar at the Wundrous Society and the first Wundersmith to exist in over a century. While she lived in the Wintersea Republic, Morrigan was disliked, feared, and resented because of her curse—which supposedly caused all local misfortunes. As a cursed child, Morrigan was doomed to die on Eventide, the fifth and final phase of the Age. However, on Eventide, Morrigan was rescued by a strange man named Jupiter North, who whisked her away in a giant spider-like vehicle just as her death ticked forward (she was destined to die at midnight, but Nevermoor is nine hours ahead of her home town of Jackalfax, so she cheated death). Their close escape brought Morrigan to the wonderful world of Nevermoor - and out of Jackalfax and the Wintersea Republic.


Early Life

Morrigan was born to her unnamed mother and her father, Corvus Crow, in Jackalfax, a town in the state of Great Wolfacre in the Wintersea Republic. Her mother died soon after, and Morrigan never knew her. Because she was born on Eventide, Morrigan was believed to be cursed; not only was she doomed to die at midnight at the end of the Age, cursed children were believed to bring bad luck with them everywhere they went.

The first eleven years of Morrigan's life were largely miserable. Her father and stepmother, Ivy, ignored her at the best of times and offered no consideration for her feelings on the few occasions they did bother to speak to her. Morrigan was blamed for everything that went wrong in town, and while she believed in the curse, she strongly suspected at least some people used her as a scapegoat. Nonetheless, she was forced to write letters of apology for these perceived wrongdoings, and was educated by a litany of tutors, who treated her with varying levels of disdain and fear.

Eighth Age of the Wintersea Republic, Eleven


Everyone expected Morrigan to die on her twelfth birthday, as most chronologists expected it to be a Twelve-Year Age, but the day before her eleventh birthday, it was discovered that this age would end a year early. Morrigan awaited her demise with dread, only to be rescued by Jupiter North, who was one of four people who bid on her at Bid Day. Jupiter then proceeded to fake her death and whisked her away to Nevermoor, bringing her over the border illegally. Everyone in the Republic, save for her grandmother and Maud Lowry, believe she is dead as a result of the curse.

Wundrous Society Trials

Third Age of the Aristocrats, One

Upon arriving in Nevermoor, Morrigan travelled with Jupiter to the Hotel Deucalion, where they took part in celebrations for Moringtide at the rooftop. Morrigan was later given a room in the Deucalion, which slowly began to adapt to her.

Jupiter explained that in order to stay in Nevermoor, Morrigan would need to join the Wundrous Society in order to gain their legal protection.

Throughout her first year in Nevermoor, she competed in four trials: the Book Trial, the Chase Trial, the Fright Trial, and the Show Trial. Although she quickly fell in love with Nevermoor and became fond of the people there, she worried about the Show Trial, as she, to her knowledge, did not have a knack. Jupiter repeatedly told her not to worry about it; so long as she made it to the Show Trial, it would be alright and he would handle the rest.

When the day arrived, Morrigan was stunned when she was put in first place despite not doing anything. Soon after, thanks to an intervention by Ezra Squall, she found out that she was a Wundersmith. Despite the fear, disdain and distrust towards Wundersmiths in Nevermoor, she was admitted into the Wundrous Society, so long as Jupiter secured nine signatures on her required safeguard pact.

Wundrous Society, Year One

Third Age of Aristocrats, Two

Noted to be a rather boring year, as the Scholar Mistress of the School of Mundane Arts, Ms. Dearborn, tried to sabotage Morrigan's schedule and class list, during this time, Morrigan's only two classes were the Heinous History of Wundersmiths, taught by Hemingway Onstald (a tortoisewun), and Decoding Nevermoor, taught by Henry Mildmay.


Prior to her induction into the Wundrous Society, Morrigan and Jupiter visited the angel Israfel in order to secure the final signature for her safeguard pact. They were informed that the singer Cassiel had gone missing.

After leaving, she celebrated her birthday at the Deucalion with Jupiter, where a huge event had been planned. When she later was introduced to the Wundrous society with the other members of Unit 919, the group was greeted by the wundrous society and an elaborate welcome. However, the patrons of Unit 919 were later informed of Morrigan's knack, which prompted protest towards Morrigan being allowed in the Wundrous Society, especially from Baz Charlton.

Although Jupiter tried to persuade the other patrons that Morrigan's abilities were not dangerous like Ezra Squalls', many of the other patrons and scholars of Unit 919 reacted with some amount of suspicion towards Morrigan, with some surprised but others initially avoiding Morrigan as a result of her knack.

Jupiter had to leave the Deucalion prior to Morrigan's first day at the Wundrous Society, and she arrived at Home train through a door that appeared in her room. She and the other members of the unit met their conductor, Miss Cheery, and later were introduced to the Scholar Mistresses, Miss Dearborn and Murgatroyd. It was planned for the Unit to also meet Paximus Luck, but they found out that he had gone missing.

Miss Dearborn later stopped Morrigan from going to her classes, which she believed would encourage her to use her abilities dangerously (despite the non-dangerous nature of the classes). Morrigan was allocated one class with Heminway Q. Onstald, who was determined to convince Morrigan that Wundersmiths were evil, giving her an abridged history of Wundersmiths. Although Jupiter told Morrigan that Professor Onstald had a biased perspective towards Wundersmiths, Morrigan had doubts about whether there were any Wundersmiths that did positive things. However, Jupiter managed to organise a class for Morrigan called Decoding Nevermoor, which was run by a young teacher called Henry Mildmay, and involved the whole class.

Morrigan later started to feel that she was starting to get along with the Unit, but the class then began being blackmailed by unknown people who threatened to reveal the Unit's secret. Assuming that the 'secret' was related to Morrigan's knack, relations between the Unit became increasingly tense. During a trip to Tricksy Lanes with the Decoding Nevermoor class, Morrigan became aware of the Ghastly Market existing when she reached the other side of a lane and heard two people discussing the market.

At the Wundrous Society, Morrigan was harassed by the Charlton Five, whose member Heloise believed Morrigan had been involved in her boyfriend Alfie's disappearance. This led to Morrigan accidentally breathing fire and being suspended from the Wundrous Society for a period of time. She completed many of her studies at home, where Professor Onstald tutored her.


During the Summer, Morrigan invited the Unit to the hotel, hoping that this could patch up the tense relations between the Unit. However, only Hawthorne and Cadence came.

Morrigan also went to the Nevermoor Bazaar with Hawthorne, his family and Cadence. At the Bazaar, she discovered activity involving the Ghastly Market, consequently leading her to find the missing Alfie.

She was eventually re-accepted into the Wundrous Society following Professor Onstald's frustration with the staff at the hotel. In the Decoding Nevermoor class, she, Francis and Mahir were put in a group together to navigate Nevermoor. However, Morrigan was separated from the group when the Hunt of Smoke and Shadow appeared, and took her to Ezra Squall. In the Museum of Stolen moments, Morrigan protested against Squall's plans to teach her to be a Wundersmith, but evenntually learnt to summon Wunder. By the time she found her way back to the Wundrous Society, the class had failed the exam due to Morrigan's disappearance. Morrigan, not being able to explain herself, resulted in many of her classmates being frustrated.

Jupiter later took Morrigan to Jemity Park.


After realising that much of Professor Onstald's information wasn't accurate, Morrigan confronted him about the abridged textbook he'd given her. However, he resisted responding to her and paused time in front of her and Mildmay, leaving the room and showing that he was a timekeeper.

The Black Parade was cancelled due to the disappearances, which led to Jupiter and Frank organising festivities at the Deucalion, where the celebration was disrupted by Ezra Squall arriving. While there, he froze everyone else into space and tried to teach Morrigan how to use fire. He informed Morrigan that her friends (Lambeth and Cadence) had been taken by the ghastly market. She also discovered that Mildmay had been working with Ezra Squall.

Morrigan and Hawthorne eventually got to the ghastly market, where they found not just Lambeth and Cadence but Israfel and professor Onstald. Using a series of cryptic words that Lambeth had been saying to herself, Morrigan eventually helped to rescue the missing people.

Following Hallowmas, Jupiter successfully transferred Morrigan to Murgatroyd's tutelage in the School of Arcane Arts.

Throughout the first three terms Unit 919 undergoes the secret fifth trial, the Loyalty Trial. What was believed to be blackmail by an unknown assailant was shown to be a standard Wundrous society test to test loyalty to their unit and the Wundrous society at large. Towards the end of this, Morrigan was forced to reveal that she was a Wundersmith to the society. It was later discovered that the secret the unit had been keeping safe was not the fact that Morrigan was a wundersmith, but that Lambeth was from the republic. The Unit was congratulated at a ceremony for passing this trial.


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Wundrous Society, Year Two

Third Age of Aristocrats, Three


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After Morrigan began learning the basics of how to be a Wundersmith, she became obsessed with the Sub-Nine Ghostly Hours. She also began to describe her usual morning routine to be an "inconvenience", spending every available minute learning the Wundrous Arts.

During Morrigan's C&D Class, Unit 919 went on an excursion. Their task was to steal anything while somehow distracting the owner of it. Morrigan's team came across a very suspicious vendor who wanted to sell a battered-looking submarine, claiming it was President Wintersea's personal Spycraft. In the end, their team did not retrieve anything.


While continuing her studies in the Wundrous Arts through the Sub-Nine Academic Group's record of Ghostly Hours, Morrigan was met by Ezra Squall who arrived through the Gossamer Line. Squall offered Morrigan the cure to the Hollowpox virus in exchange, once again, for her apprenticeship, to which Morrigan refused.

Tensions rose as a mob who called themselves the Concerned Citizens of Nevermoor political party gathered at the gates of WunSoc Campus in protest to the handling of the Hollowpox epidemic. In fear that the hostile convergence of society members and citizens would become a clash, Morrigan used Inferno to ignite the fireblossoms on the path to distract the converging groups. In awe, the groups stopped to view the spectacle. After over a hundred years, Morrigan Crow had brought the fireblossoms back from extinction. Meanwhile, the tabloids caught wind that there was a new Wundersmith within Nevermoor.

Morrigan made her way to Sub-Nine and then to a Liminal Hall of the school of Wundrous Arts. There she meet the Kindling, a Wundrous Divinity, who granted Morrigan a seal after viewing her ignition of the fireblossoms, marking her mastery of the Art of Inferno.

In order to obtain a cure for the Hollowpox virus, Morrigan initiated a dialogue between the leaders of the Free State and the Wintersea Republic. However, desperate to stop the ev President Wintersea from encroaching on Nevermoor, Squall intervened and offered to help Morrigan destroy the virus without demanding anything in return. Morrigan destroyed the virus but soon realized that she couldn't truly heal the victims of the Hollowpox. Morrigan decided that in order to save the victims of the Hollowpox she would take Squall's apprenticeship offer. Giving Squall an opportunity to use Wunder through her, Morrigan allowed him to reverse the effects of the Hollowpox. Then with regard to the decency of an agreement, but more importantly a cavernous hunger for power, Morrigan signed a contract to apprentice under Ezra Squall.

Despite her exhaustion, Morrigan then left the Wunderous Society hospital to be at home, surrounded by her found family.


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Wundrous Society, Year Three

Third Age of Aristocrats, Four


(TBA when Silverborn released)

Physical Appearance

Morrigan is rather small and short with broad shoulders. She has dark eyes and coal-black hair that contrast to her pale skin, as well as a crooked nose (which she inherited from her father). She prefers wearing black clothing. Morrigan is 11 when she starts the WunSoc Trials and 13 by the time of the Hollowpox epidemic.

Personality and Traits

Morrigan is a great role model; combining spirit, kindness, loyalty, wit, bravery, and quite often, a disregard for the rules (that she likely picked up from Jupiter North and Hawthorne Swift). Her moral strength is shown throughout many moments in the story, at times where she is shown portraying acts of goodwill. One notable example is in the Chase Trial, where she persuades Fenestra to go back and rescue Cadence Blackburn (a girl who has bullied her in the past) from a stampede, even though it meant risking her place in the next Trial. She is a level-headed and patient person, but with a fiery temper, as shown in the chase of Brutilus Brown and the events in the Museum of Stolen Moments. She demonstrated a level of aptitude and familiarity with the city of Nevermoor and in the class 'Decoding Nevermoor.'

She often displays fierce determination and is extremely brave, as demonstrated when she stood up to the Wundersmith Ezra Squall. However, Morrigan can be impatient, anxious, and finds it difficult to trust others, seemingly because of the way she was mistreated before living with Jupiter North. This is shown when she constantly questions Jupiter's assurances that she would make it through the trials, suspecting he is lying when he says she has an ability powerful enough to pass the Show Trial. She is also a practical person who abstains from excessive things as seen when she pondered about the appearance of the door in her room after guessing it had no use whatsoever.

Morrigan has a tendency to worry and can display some pessimism at times, which likely resulted from her experiences as a 'cursed child' who was often blamed for various events that went wrong. She sometimes feels that it is inevitable that she will be blamed, although these traits have lessened during the time she's spent in Nevermoor.

In the events of Hollowpox, a sense of entitlement and hunger for power started to appear, making Morrigan go as far as to be willing to steal a book from the Gobleian Library. Morrigan has also shown herself to be rather pessimistic at times, describing herself as someone who assumes the worst and worries. This is a result of her history as a 'cursed child' and being blamed for various events.

Abilities and Skills


Morrigan Crow originally believed her knack had something to do with her 'curse', due to the constant blame put on her shoulders for all bad events taking place in Jackalfax and her being used as a scapegoat. The residents believed her to be the cause of all unfortunate incidents, since she was born on Eventide, meaning she was considered a "cursed child". Some incidents she was accused of causing are:

  • The heart attack of the Crow's gardener because Morrigan said; ‘the flowers looked nice’ to him.
  • The loss of a spelling bee because Morrigan said ‘good luck’ to the boy who was participating.
  • The death of the Crow Manor kitchen cat.

Later, Morrigan discovers her knack is being a Wundersmith with the ability to gather and control Wunder. Wunder, a kind of magical energy, is attracted to her like a moth to a flame. She is able to wield Wunder to change the world around her. This is a very rare knack shared by the Wundersmiths of Nevermoor's history and the only other presently living Wundersmith, Ezra Squall. Morrigan shows mastery over Inferno and a degree of proficiency in Weaving and Nocturne.


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Morrigan has been shown to have a somewhat logical and practical thought process, seen when she became exasperated with the riddle-like questions of the Wundrous Society Council. This trait can also be seen in some of her interactions with Jupiter. However, she has been shown to put together clues or information to try to solve things like puzzles. Although she was somewhat annoyed at the illogical form of testing during the Book Trial, she was eventually able to realise how to respond to the test and modify her answers. During the Fright Trial, she figured out clues by recalling earlier-mentioned hints. This shows her possibly observant tendencies.

Morrigan has been shown to be studious at times, particularly in relation to the Book Trial. During this, she memorized several facts concerning Nevermoor, despite being new to the area.


  • Placed first in the Wundrous Society Show Trial for Unit 919[1].
  • Passed all 5 trials of the Wundrous Society and became a permanent member of the society.
  • Shut down the Ghastly Market.
  • Destroyed (and responsible for curing) the Hollowpox.
  • Acquired the Inferno seal.


  • Brolly: Morrigan receives a black oilskin umbrella with a bird on the handle from Jupiter on her eleventh birthday. Not only is this one of her most prized possessions, as it is the first birthday gift she has ever received, but it is practical for taking the Brolly Rail transportation system around Nevermoor.
  • W pin: Morrigan receives this as she enters the Wundrous Society.
  • Knitted Scarf: Looks like a fox. Present from Saint Nicholas
  • Finnegan's Faerie Tales: Small, clothbound book. Present from Saint Nicholas
  • Sled: Shiny and green. A Christmas present from Jupiter.
  • Ice skates: Red leather. A Christmas present from Jupiter; Jack also received a pair. They do all the skating for the wearer, meaning Morrigan doesn't need a day of practice to skate like an expert.
  • Emmett: A stuffed toy rabbit that Morrigan has had ever since she was a baby. Emmett is the only thing about Crow Manor she really misses, and she's extremely upset when she finds out her baby half-brothers haven't appreciated him. At the end of Hollowpox, Jupiter sneaks into Crow Manor and steals Emmett back for her. Using his abilities as a Witness, he realizes Emmett once belonged to Morrigan's late mother, who loved him just as much as she does.


Jupiter North

Jupiter is Morrigan's patron, mentor, and caretaker. He bids on her at the Jackalfax Bid Day ceremony, offering her a place as his candidate for the Wundrous Society. Morrigan accepts the night before Eventide, her death date. The next day, Jupiter crashes the Crow's solemn family dinner and uses magic to convince her family that a crumpled up curtain on the ground was her body. He then whisks her away in his Arachnipod, Octavia, to escape the Hunt of Smoke and Shadow who have come to kill Morrigan. They escape to the Free State, Nevermoor, where he gives Morrigan her first-ever birthday present, a beautiful black oilskin umbrella. He enters her into the Wundrous trials and supports her through each trial. Jupiter gives her a room in his hotel, Hotel Deucalion, to live in, and deeply cares for her general well-being. He calls Morrigan "Mog", much to her annoyance. They have a very unique and close relationship, Jupiter being the first person to ever treat Morrigan like she isn't a curse. Morrigan is often irritated by his constant avoiding of questions through the books, but generally cares for him and is grateful for what he has done for her.

Jack Korrapati

At the start of the book, Morrigan and Jack were sworn rivals, mainly because their first encounter was when Jack was sitting on a chair she believed was her chair. When the wolf shadow Morrigan had created escaped into the hotel, Jack tricked her into spending hours chasing it, when he knew it had already vanished. Morrigan was furious with him when she found out. However, they did eventually become friends, growing especially closer at Christmas when they see Saint Nick and the Yule Queen perform. Jack is one of the only characters who know about her ability to attract Wunder because of his knack (Jack is a Witness, which allows the wielder to know more about others without the target ever knowing).

Throughout Wundersmith and Hollowpox, it is evident that Jack and Morrigan become closer. They are shown playing a game together in the Hotel Deucalion where they use Jack's knack to decipher the current circumstances of strangers entering the lobby. Furthermore, Jack is playful and sarcastic towards Morrigan, and it is apparent that their relationship is still continuing to evolve.

One minor disagreement that still persists is Jack and Morrigan's views on Christmas, with Jack favoring the Yule Queen and Morrigan favoring Saint nick, they will quite often trade insults about each others' selection and clothing style.

Hawthorne Swift

Morrigan is best friends with Hawthorne and has spent a great deal of time with him. They played a prank together on the Wundrous garden party, emptying a barrel of frogs into the party before fleeing together. They are often together and have told many secrets to each other. They spent a lot of time together in Hotel Deucalion throughout the books, studying for the Wundrous trial exams, exploring and playing board games. He loyally keeps Morrigan's secret that she is an illegal immigrant, and is unfazed when she confesses that she does not know her knack earlier in the book. Morrigan usually tells him everything. Unlike most other people, when Hawthorne discovered that Morrigan was a Wundersmith, Hawthorne remained loyal and didn't panic, or start treating her any differently than before; apart from occasional teasing and bringing up the topic in general.

Cadence Blackburn

Morrigan had mixed feelings towards Cadence at first. When Morrigan and Fenestra saved her from being stampeded during the Chase Trials, she then stole her win. Afterward, however, she did stop Morrigan from being kicked out of Nevermoor, and also stopped Jupiter from being prosecuted. Because of that, she also (to her delight) got Noelle Devereaux removed from Unit 919.

Throughout the second book, Morrigan grows closer to Cadence, being the only person immune to her mesmerism and therefore does not constantly forget about her. When Morrigan first invites Unit 919 over to the Hotel Deucalion, Cadence is the only person besides Hawthorne that shows up and is also the only person besides him to never shun her or blame her for the blackmail letters they receive. By the time of the third book, the two have become close (Morrigan considering Cadence one of her best friends) with Cadence being willing to use her abilities to cover for Morrigan and 'borrowing' a puppy to bring her on her birthday.

Other Unit 919 Members

Morrigan is the youngest member of Unit 919[2]. She has a mostly positive relationship with her fellow unit members. She has had some rough patches, for example, the blackmail which was thought to be protecting her secret but it was later revealed that she was really protecting Lamya's. They later stick up for each other and become the loyal members of their unit as they were meant to be. 


Morrigan has a harsh relationship with most of her family, besides her grandmother. Her family neglect her because of her being born on Eventide, and being a "cursed child". Her father and stepmother are seemingly relieved when she is presumed dead. Morrigan, in turn, doesn't miss them at all, though she does envy Hawthorne for having the loving, normal family she was deprived of.

During her visits on the Gossamer line, Morrigan discovers that her family has moved on, and aren't grieving her much; beside her grandmother. They have a rule to not speak Morrigan's name inside their household. Morrigan has two stepbrothers, who are twins. One of them briefly met Morrigan.


Morrigan comes from the Irish Mór Ríoghain which means "great queen." In Irish myth, she is frequently seen as a goddess of war and death who would take the form of a crow.[3]

Odelle may be a form of the name Odilia which is derived from either the Germanic element odal meaning "fatherland" or aud, "fortune, wealth." Saint Odilia was a nun who was supposedly born blind but gained sight when she was baptized. Similar names include the English Odelia and French Odile and Odette.[4] This middle name could also refer to the Morrigan's ability to call Wunder through song (the Wundrous Art of Nocturne), as, according to other sources, Odelle could also mean "song".[5] It is likely that she was given this middle name, at least in part, after her grandmother Ornella.

Crow comes from the Middle English crow, itself from the Old English crawa. It was applied as a nickname for someone with dark hair or complexion, or for someone thought to resemble the bird in some other way.[6]


  • Morrigan had four bids, an unheard-of number, on Bid Day:
    1. An Anonymous Bid (Ezra Squall of Squall Industries)
    2. Mrs. Ardith Asher of the Devereaux Ladies' College
    3. Colonel Van Leeuwenhoek of the Harmon Military Academy
    4. Jupiter North of the Wundrous Society
  • Always wears black
  • Her door to the Unit 919 Station is black
  • Morrigan memorized many of the geographical oddities of Nevermoor
  • Morrigan's favourite kind of cake is lemon butter raspberry ripple layer cake with crumbled meringue pieces and raspberry cream filling.
  • Morrigan is noted to have an octopus armchair, which seems to have some semblance of sentience.


  • In a Q&A on Instagram stories (before the release of Hollowpox), Jessica Townsend revealed that Morrigan will not be 19 years old by the last book in the series as "some books will take place over a shorter period of time."[7]



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