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"Sculptures of men, women, children, Wunimals, and unnimals, beautifully crafted in their own fascinating little scenes and poses. Encased in glass and shrouded in swirling, snowy mists that never slowed and never settled."
―narrated description[src]

The Museum of Stolen Moments is a museum lined with snow globes. In each globe, there appears to be a sculpture. There's one of two men hugging in the light of a gaslight. One of a woman swimming in the water.

But Morrigan accidentally shatters the globe with the swimming woman in it. Out comes a "wave of snow-flecked water and a tangle of wet limbs and hair."[1] In reality, the 'sculptures' aren't really sculptures at all. They're people. Real, living people, each frozen in time, right on the cusp of death.


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The Museum was built some ages before Morrigan was born, in the Winter of One of the Age of Thieves. It was initially classified as a Spectacle for its intricate and incredible artistry and the extreme amount of Wundrous talent it would take to construct.

After the Courage Square Massacre and the subsequent hatred of Wundersmiths, the Museum was abandoned, left to lay forgotten. Whether or not it was mentioned in the "abridged" history of Wundersmiths written by Hemingway Onstald is unknown.

The Museum has been destroyed as of Autumn of Two, Third Age of Aristocrats after the Ghastly Market was held in the museum and many of the exhibits were shattered, setting of a chain of destruction.



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