"A Harry Potter-esque adventure"
―Time Magazine[[src]]

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow is the award winning novel and first book in the Nevermoor series written by Jessica Townsend. Hachette Book Group published the book on the 10th of October 2017, and was also Jessica Townsend's first published novel.


For Sally, first guest of the Hotel Deucalion

And for Teena, who made me think I could do anything, even this

Book Description

Morrigan Crow is cursed. Born on an unlucky day, she is blamed for all local misfortunes, from hailstorms to heart attacks - and, worst of all, the curse means that Morrigan is doomed to die at midnight on Eventide.

But as Morrigan awaits her fate, a strange and remarkable man named Jupiter North appears. Chased by black-smoke hounds and shadowy hunters on horseback, he whisks her away into the safety of a secret, magical city called Nevermoor.

It's there that Morrigan discovers Jupiter has chosen her to contend for a place in the city's most prestigious organisation: the Wundrous Society. In order to join, she must compete in four difficult and dangerous trials against hundreds of other children, each boasting an extraordinary talent that sets them apart. Except for Morrigan, who doesn't seem to have any special talent at all. To stay in the safety of Nevermoor for good, Morrigan will need to find a way to pass the tests - or she'll have to leave the city to confront her deadly fate.



"The journalists arrived before the coffin did."
―The opening line
Spring of One
Set in Spring of One, Chancellor Corvus Crow reads a statement before a crowd of reporters on the death of his daughter Morrigan Crow. The short address from the Chancellor, that is intended to give the people of the state and city peace and safety, instead leaves the reporters with doubts and uncertainties.

Chapter 1: The Cursed Crow

"Morrigan has no need of counseling. She is a sensible enough child. She is well acquainted with her situation."
―Corvus Crow during the monthly meeting with the Registry Office for Cursed Children
Winter of Eleven
Set three days before the prologue,

Chapter 2: Bid Day

"Four Bids! Two was was uncommon and three highly unusual, but four? Unheard of!"
―Chaos at Town Hall on Bid Day

Chapter 3: Death Comes to Dinner

"Things happen in life all the time. Unexpected things. Things you couldn't possibly expect because they're so very... unexpected. For instance, I bet you didn't expect your so-called death to arrive three hours early."
―Jupiter North to Morrigan

Chapter 4: The Hunt of Smoke and Shadow

"The glowing red lights weren't lights at all. They were eyes. The eyes of men, the eyes of horses, and the eyes of hounds."
―The Hunt begins to take shape

Chapter 5: Welcome to Nevermoor

"Nevermoor. If it's so great, why haven't you heard of it? Truth is, Morrigan, this is the best place —the best place—in all the Unnamed Realm."
―Jupiter North
Spring of One

Chapter 6: Morningtide

"We have bid a tender and triumphant farewell to the Olden Age, and now we must step boldly into the New. May it be a good and happy one. May it bring unexpected adventures."
―Jupiter North's toast to the New Age

Chapter 7: Happy Hour at the Hotel Deucalion

Martha: "And to happen on Morningtide, of all days! What awful luck."
Kedgeree: "I'd say we've had splendid luck. A lobby full of people, and not a soul hurt? We can thank our lucky stars."
— The grand chandelier crashes

Chapter 8: Interesting. Useful. Good.

Morrigan: "Forget it."
Jupiter: "You forget it. You forget it, from this moment on. Do you understand? You are not a curse."
— Jupiter and Morrigan discussing Morrigan's "curse"


Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow was "the biggest-selling Australian children's debut since records began" according to Hachette's website. It won the 2018 ABIA for Book of the Year, Book of the Year for Younger Readers and Matt Richell Award for New Writer of the Year; the 2018 Indie Book Awards Book of the Year and Children's Category; the 2017 Aurealis Award for Best Children's Fiction; the 2018 Waterstones Children's Book Prize for Younger Fiction and was named a notable book by CBCA.



Possible Film Adaptation

It was announced in late 2016 that 20th Century Fox had acquired the screen rights for Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow[1]. A year later, news broke that Drew Goddard was attached to the project as a writer and producer[2]. It is hoped that, if the first movie does well, more will follow in the series.

Some of Goddard's previous work as a writer/producer includes 2015's The Martian, Netflix's Daredevil, and hit tv series LOST.

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