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"You've never seen anything more bizarre"
―The Bazaar's ambitious promise[src]

The Nevermoor Bazaar is a market festival that runs on Fridays throughout the summer in Nevermoor's Old Town district. The market it so famous, people attend from all over the Seven Pockets of the Free State.



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Each of the four quarters of Old Town is further divided into precincts with their own distinct markets or stalls that may take up a number of neighbourhood blocks. Many of the precincts are also used for two to five different purposes or events, some of which seem to contradict the other's nature.


The following is an inexhaustible list of what market attendee's may find at the market:

  • antiques market
  • avian market
  • cheese market
  • Courtyard of Nothing
  • dog show
  • fire-twirling show
  • nail salon
  • perfumery
  • Sweet Street (sweets market)
  • tango lessons
  • tannery
  • tea party
  • unicorn-based equestrian event
  • witches' market