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On this page you will find guidelines to help build a characters page, including some character infobox information.

These guidelines are to help editors when creating new articles for characters. Please follow them as closely as possible, where possible. We understand that not all characters will have information available to fill out all listed headings. If that is the case, omit that heading from the article - it can always be added later if/when information does become available.

Page Title

If a character has a first and last name, that will be the name of the article. Omit any middle names. Use proper given names and not nicknames or titles. If a last name is hyphenated, use both names with the hyphen.

  • Correct: John Korrapati
  • Incorrect: John Arjuna Korrapati (omit middle name)
  • Incorrect: Jack Korrapati (use given name, not nickname)
  • Correct: Chanda Kali
  • Incorrect: Dame Chanda Kali (omit the title)


If a character's first name has been revealed (but not the last name), create a page using only the first name. Only if there are multiple character's with that name where a surname has not be identified, put an identifier in brackets. Use the {{conjecture}} template at the top of the page for these characters. (When the last name becomes known, the article title can be changed to reflect this and the {{conjecture}} template can be removed).

  • Correct: Frank
  • Correct (if multiple characters with same only first name): Tim (nurse)

If a character is only mentioned by their last name with their first name never mentioned, use how they are mentioned in the book. For males add Mr. for women Miss for unmarried, Mrs. for married, and Ms. for unknown (or if that's how it's written). The title of judge, clergy, royalty, Dr. or officers will overrule this. Use the {{conjecture}} template at the top of the page for these characters. (Again, if the character's first name becomes known, the article title will be changed to reflect this.)

  • Correct: Miss Mulryan
  • Incorrect: Mulryan
  • Correct: Dr. Bramble *(This page has since been updated to include her first name)
  • Incorrect: Ms. Bramble
  • Incorrect: Bramble
  • Correct: Mr. Jones
  • Incorrect: Jones

Getting Started

Place a {{Spoiler}} at the top of the page if need be. For minor characters, even if new to the series, this should not be needed. If the character only has a known first name or known last name, put a {{conjecture}} template at the top (under spoiler template if there). Next, put a {{Base-w/Knack}} infobox on the page. More information about this will be below. All characters should use this infobox regardless of whether they have a knack or not, or are human, wunimal, magnificat, etc. Once you've filled that out, fill out a brief opening paragraph/summary of the character. This does not have to be ridiculously long; you'll be going more in depth in some of the headings below hopefully. Also note that this opening paragraph does not need a header. When you begin, start with the character's Full Known Name- including titles and middle names (ex: Captain Jupiter Amantius North) and bold the full name with title. Next, if they have a known date of birth and/or date of death add that directly behind the name in parenthesis. If the character has a birthdate and is still alive, only put that date.

  • Professor Hemingway Q. Onstald (b. unknown – d. Hallowmas, Autumn of Two, Third Age of the Aristocrats)
  • Morrigan Odelle Crow (b. Eventide, Winter of Twelve, Seventh Age of the Wintersea Republic)


This is a brief summary of what each heading should contain if the information if available to be added. Please place these headings in the following order found here.


Physical Appearance

Personality and Traits

Abilities and Skills






Behind the Scenes




Notes and References


On the right side of the editing toolbar, under the Page Options setting, there will be a tab for categories. If you begin to type options in, you should see some already used ones pop up. All characters should be added to the Characters category. Other useful character categories may include:

  • Main characters
  • Secondary characters
  • Minor characters
  • Patrons
  • Candidates
  • Wunimals
  • Hotel Deucalion Staff
  • Antagonists
  • Bullies
  • Characters without a last name
  • Wundrous Society Members

If you don't see a category that you think should be included, add it or ask an admin. It can always be removed if it is deemed unnecessary.


"Also known as" field

Both identities used directly by the character and identities used by others to refer to that character will be applicable to this field. The following four restrictions will apply to this field:

  1. The identity must be singular to the character. No generic insults.
  2. No descriptors. The identity must be capitalised as though addressed as a proper name or title.
  3. No mix-ups. The identity must be deliberately and knowingly applied to the character.
  4. The identity must be used in reference to the character more than once.

Family Members

Currently, the family in a character's infobox is limited to two generations in either direction. Simply put, this means that you should go no higher than grandparents, and no lower than grandchildren.

Allowed relations

Below is a list of allowed relations to place in the character infobox:

  • Grandfather(s) (paternal and maternal)
  • Grandmother(s) (paternal and maternal)
  • Mother (including step-mothers)
  • Father (including step-fathers)
  • Brother(s)
  • Sister(s)
  • Spouse
  • Children (including adopted and step-children)
  • Grandchildren
  • Uncle(s) (paternal and maternal)
  • Aunt(s) (paternal and maternal)
  • Nephew(s)
  • Niece(s)
  • Cousin(s)
  • In-laws consisting of: Mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law
  • A link to the appropriate family page, e.g. Crow family


These may not apply at the moment put will be important as the series continues to develop.

  1. For certain characters, such as Morrigan Crow, notable ancestors may be allowed in the infobox, especially as the plot continues to develop.
  2. For some characters that share a surname, but where there is no canonically known family relation, said characters may be placed in the infobox and tagged with the comment (possible). Do not assume a relationship between the characters.
  3. No great-(aunt/uncle/niece/nephew/etc) relations should be placed in the infobox.
  4. No cousins X-times removed should be placed in the infobox.
  5. Relatives more than two generations removed, such as great-grandchildren and great-grandparents, may be included in the infobox if they are the only known relations of a character.

Be sensible!

In some cases, adding unit members to the infobox lengthens the infobox beyond the length of the article itself. When adding friends, see if the unit members are already mentioned in the article, and consider whether or not a simple link to the unit page will suffice in place of listing information for the sake of listing it.

Thank you to the Harry Potter Wiki for policy information for infobox "Also known as" and "Family members" (including excpetions) sections