Nevermoor Wiki

Please note that rule punishments may vary based on the severity of the issue and past violations done by the suspected user.

General Regulations

  • In accordance to COPPA, users under the age of 13 are not allowed to be editors on the wiki.
    • If a user is revealed to be underage, please calmly report it with evidence to an administrator.
  • Observe civil behavior; do not argue, insult, threaten, harass, purposefully offend, or disrespect users or their opinions.
  • No bullying of any kind. This includes content of the above point and other things such as mockery, trolling, ostracizing, etc.
    • This also includes hate speech, the use of ethnic slurs, or any other form of discrimination or racism.
    • Users found to bully others, even outside the wiki, are subject to banning.
  • No swearing. Words such as damn or hell are acceptable. If you are unsure about what is acceptable or not, feel free to ask a staff member if a word is allowed or not. This is a children's series and members should remember who may be reading comments.
    • Acronyms and abbreviations that are typically known to contain any of the prohibited profanity are not allowed. To the Nevermoor Wiki staff, it is the same as saying the entire word.
  • Do not post links that have the entirely of the books for free. This does not support the author in any way.
  • Do not impersonate or pose as a Nevermoor Wiki Administrator or another other Nevermoor Wiki staff member.
  • Do not impersonate or pose as Jessica Townsend, her editors, agent(s), book illustrators or related personnel.
  • Respect the staff when they ask you to stop doing something harmful or disruptive.

Privacy & Safety

For your own safety, it's recommended that you do not post personal information about yourself, such as your school, home address, etc. Remember, anything on this website can be seen by anyone on the internet, so please consider this before expressing yourself to the community.

If you have concerns such as depression or suicide, please call a suicide hotline or tell someone you know in real life. This is not the place for handling serious subjects, and remember, children use this site and may see things like this. Serious subjects need to be handled in real life with professionals best equipped to help the of involved parties.

File Policy

All uploaded files must...

  • Contain appropriate content in accordance with the general regulations of the wiki linked above.
  • Be posted in the appropriate location of the wiki's mainspace (articles, galleries, etc.).
    • Any files that are unofficial and/or non-canon to the Nevermoor series, such as fan-art and edited files, must either be posted on a blog, user page, board thread, or talk page. Unused, but official concepts are exempted from this rule. Any fan-art or other fanon items must be posted by the creator unless you have gotten permission from the creator to upload it.
  • Be used somewhere on the wiki (user images are fine). If unused it will be subject to deletion by an admin or image controller.

Editing Policy

  • Follow the general regulations above.
  • If you put any questionable information on the wiki, make sure that you have a reliable source for it.
    • This source should be added as a reference/cited.
    • Format guide for citing from a book: Full Book Title (linked to its page), Chapter # (Chapter Title). Following the (Chapter Title) you may choose to add in the direct quote marked in quotations as well as the narrator if you so choose.
  • Do not engage in, support, or encourage vandalism, on this or any other wiki.
  • Do not make non-constructive edits, including "edit boosting", "fluff editing", and "badge gaming" whereby users make meaningless, small edits to increase their edit count.
    • The only exception is when the formatting has gone wonky after you save. This does happen, but please leave a note saying you had to adjust/edit the page formatting.
  • Do not edit war, such as repeatedly undoing another user's edits unless they are blatant vandalism.
    • If someone keeps changing an item that is correct, consider adding a source to make it harder to refute and therefore change.
  • Do not edit another user's profile without their explicit permission, regardless of intentions.
    • The only exception is when you are undoing the edits of a user who has broken this rule.

Discussion Policy

Comment Guidelines

  • Follow the general regulations of the wiki above.
  • Be on-topic. Comments deemed irrelevant are subject to deletion.
  • Please do not post theories. That is what the discussion pages are for as some people do not want to read possible spoilers when they look through comments. Theories posted as comments are subject to deletion.
  • Keep your replies and comments of a reasonable length.
    • Do not over-quote or over-reply. Only display the quote of the user you are replying to and keep talk page comment reply strings at a reasonable length.
  • Do not spam in your messages.
  • Do not advertise other wikis or your own content.
  • Do not talk about harming characters even if you don't like them.

Discussions Guidelines

  • All of the Wiki's general regulations are in effect on Discussions.
  • Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions. If you don't like something, don't reply if you cannot stay civil.
  • Please only use English as this is an English wiki.
  • Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.
  • Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned.
  • Try not reply to old posts (over a year). Some users may no longer use this wiki.
  • Off-topic conversations will be deleted.
    • The Discussion area is the only place theories should be posted! Do not post theories on article pages!
    • Non-Nevermoor posts are subject to being reported and deleted. This isn't a social media site, and most people on here are here to talk about Nevermoor. If you are making an introduction post, use the correct category (Introductions) and make sure you mention something about Nevermoor (a favorite character, the last book you read in the series, etc.)
    • Do not post links to non-Nevermoor videos and posts. Again, use a social media site for those, but this isn't the place.
      • You can post non-Nevermoor videos as long as you make it their connections to Nevermoor clear in the post's title or description, like songs you think relate to the show. However, if these aren't added or the video goes against other rules, it will be removed.
  • Do not post links to illegal uploads of information or give suggestions to illegal sources. This wiki supports and wants to help support official releases of the books and related content, so any posts including links to illegal uploads will be deleted without warning.
    • Do not post any leaked content here. Leaked content is any content released by someone in the fandom without approval from the creator. If it is from Jessica Townsend's official social media it is allowed. Please contact an admin if you're unsure if something is a leak or not.
  • As stated in General Regulations, impersonation of other users, wiki staff, or famous people will not be tolerated. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned.
  • As stated in General Regulations, do not give out private information, ex. your address, and do not ask other for private information. You may post real-life images of yourself, although it's not recommended, but do not post pictures of other real-life people in your lives for the sake of their privacy.
  • Only report posts if you want your own post deleted or you see a violation of rules, like swearing or links to illegal content.
  • If you have concerns such as depression or suicide, please call a suicide hotline or tell someone you know in real life. This is not the place for handling serious subjects, and remember, children use this site and may see things like this. Serious subjects need to be handled in real life with professionals best equipped to help the of involved parties.
  • Unless you're one of the Nevermoor wiki staff here, there should not be any kind of loophole abuse if you read this regulations/rules.