Ornella Crow is the living matriarch of the Crow family. She is the mother of Corvus and the late Bertram, as well as the grandmother of Morrigan, Guntram, and Wolfram.


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Physical Appearance

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Personality and Traits

When initially introduced, Ornella is depicted as rude, defiant, and irritable. However, throughout the course of the first book, it is revealed that Ornella has a softer, kinder side to her, and is only person in the Crow household who shows any kind of affection towards her granddaughter, Morrigan Crow, acting as a motherly figure to her.


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  • It is later revealed that Jupiter actually told Ornella of who Morrigan truly was, and that she knew that Morrigan was still alive.
  • The Portrait Hall is her favourite room at Crow Manor


Notes and References

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