Proudfoot House is the main building on the Wundrous Society campus. The building rises five stories above ground, built of red brick with ivy vines climbing up the sides.


The back of the building hosts glorious gardens with a terrace sitting above.

Floor Plan

Upper Floors

Inside there is an examination room where the written portion of the Book Trial takes place

Lower Floors

The nine subterranean floors of Proudfoot House are "labyrinthine and never-ending." Scholars take their classes on sub floors three to eight.


This level is off limits to scholars and is used by academic staff and visiting adult Society members for sleeping, dining, and recreation.


The dining hall for scholars is found on this floor, as well as boarding rooms for senior scholars who live on campus. The Commissariat is also found on this level. The internal railpod system is found here for travelling the rest of the subterranean levels and can travel in all directions. The railpods have the ability to travel to select Wunderground stations off campus as well.


The first of the three levels for the Mundane Arts. This floor is for Practicalities. Includes:

  • Hospital
  • Laboratories
  • Lecture Theaters 1-9
  • Map Room
  • Observatory
  • Test Kitchens
  • Zoological Facilities


The second of three Mundane Arts levels. This floor is dedicated to Humanities. Includes:

  • Art Galleries
  • Classrooms
  • Music Rooms
  • Studios
  • Theaters


The last of the Mundane Arts levels. For the Extremities. Has the "unpredictable, slightly chaotic air of a place where anything could happen." Includes:

  • Dragon Stables and Arena
  • Espionage Wing
  • Martial Arts Dojo

Sub-Six — Sub-Eight

Three levels dedicated to the Arcane Arts.


Out of bounds to all scholars

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