Jupiter: "Each candidate who's made it through the first three trials must stand before the High Council of Elders and show them something."
Morrigan: "Something...?"
Jupiter: "Something interesting. And useful. And good."
Jupiter North explaining the Show Trial to Morrigan Crow[src]
The Show Trial is the fourth and final trial that candidate's participate in as they compete for a spot into the Wundrous Society. Each year, there are three random trials chosen for candidates to prove their worth, followed by the Show Trial which occurs yearly. Out of the hundreds of children that begin the trials, only the top nine are chosen by the end of the Show Trial.


The show trial is essentially a "talent show" of sorts. It showcases a candidates unique knack which the Elder's then judge if it is extraordinary enough for the candidate to be granted a spot in the society. Knacks range from the Mundane (practical, humanities, etc.) to Arcane ("superpowers" ex: mind-reading, oracle, etc.) and what may appear to be more Mundane can still out-rank Arcane knacks.

The candidate is given a number which is when they are to perform. They are then called down to the stage in groups of five. When it is the candidate's turn, their patron introduces them by name and where they are from. The candidate is then given the chance to perform their knack. If the candidate's performance is deemed worthy or extraordinary enough by the Elders, the candidate's name is placed onto the board with the top nine contestants. By the end of the Show Trial, the nine candidates on the board form the newest unit in the Wundrous Society and begin their studies in the spring.

Unit 919

"It's easier to rank high near the beginning"
Hawthorne Swift trying to comfort Morrigan with Noelle's result[src]
Morrigan Crow and the rest of Unit 919 competed to secure their places in the Wundrous Society. In Morrigan’s Show Trial, Jupiter gave the Elders his sight as a Witness, so they could see the Wunder gathering to her. This led to her being instantly put into first place, guaranteeing her a space in Unit 919.
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