Thaddea Macleod

This, Morrigan remembered, was Thaddea Macleod. The girl who fought a full grown adult troll in the Show Trial and won.Morrigan meeting Thaddea for the first time

Thaddea Millicent Macleod is a fighter and member of Unit 919. She attends the School of the Mundane Arts at Wunsoc. First mentioned in Nevermoor during the Show Trial, she is a secondary character in Wundersmith and Hollowpox.


Early Life

Nothing is known at this point of Thaddea's life before joining the Wundrous Society other than her growing up in the Highlands with at least a father and mother. During the Show Trial, Thaddea is mentioned to have fought a full-grown adult troll and won. Her performance earned her a spot in the Top Nine and ultimately Unit 919.

Wundrous Society Years

Year One

Thaddea joined the rest of her unit for the inauguration ceremony at Proudfoot House. Following the ceremony, she learned (along with the rest of her unit members and their patrons) that Morrigan Crow was a Wundersmith, causing friction within Unit 919 for almost three quarters of the school year. Thaddea took a number of classes with other unit members including 'Decoding Nevermoor,' 'Recognizing Mesmerism,' as well as classes on her own, including one in roller derby.

As Thaddea (and the rest of the unit) started to slowly warm up to Morrigan, Unit 919 became victims of blackmail near the beginning of summer. She was the first member to receive a blackmail note and voted to ignore the notes and allow the blackmailers to tell their unit's secret, though lost by one vote. She was required to throw her fight at the Combat Club she attended. She begrudgingly did, losing to the weakest member of the club, though she made zero attempts to try. She remained upset at Morrigan and blamed her for a number of months after.

Not long after she threw the fight, Thaddea and the rest of her unit witnessed Morrigan shoot a fireball from her mouth following an encounter with bully Heloise Redchurch. She, and most of the unit, were likely relieved when Morrigan was suspended from attending classes at Wunsoc following the summer break. During the week back following the summer holidays Ms. Dearborn called for an exam period, following Archan Tate's blackmail and anonymous note to her. The 'Decoding Nevermoor' exam ended as an automatic fail for the entire unit as one team did not arrive back in time altogether. The majority of the Unit at this time started to completely ignore Morrigan.

Following Hallowmas, Thaddea attended the Wunsoc assembly with Unit 919 where Morrigan would reveal she was a Wundersmith to the present Wunsoc members, though this and the blackmailing would be revealed to be part of the Unit's Loyalty Trial in which Unit 919 would pass. This would prove to be a turning point as the Unit was now on friendlier terms then they had been before, Thaddea remarking that the Loyalty Test was a "dirty trick" and that it was mean to make the unit go through it, but especially to Morrigan.

Physical Appearance

Thaddea is "at least a head taller than Morrigan", yet brawny with squared shoulders. She has described as being pink-faced, which becomes blotchy when she is angry. Her red hair falls halfway down her back and is described as tangled. With her thick Highlands accent, it's likely that she is based upon both Scottish and Irish genetics.

Personality and Traits

Thaddea loves fighting. She gets angry very easily, but has shown to have been kind to her friends through what some would consider extreme methods, like threatening to breaking someone's kneecaps or kick a student's shins after hearing them insult Morrigan.

She has also demonstrated resourcefulness, going as far as to swipe an Elder's chair out from underneath them to break the kneecaps of a troll during her Show Trial.

Abilities and Skills


Thaddea's knack is fighting. For her Show Trial, she fought an adult mountain troll in unarmed combat and won. This earned her eighth- or seventh, depending on the unknown performance of Lambeth- place on the leaderboard and a place in the Wundrous Society as part of Unit 919.


Unit 919

Thaddea is a member of unit 919. She seems to be well-liked.

Morrigan Crow

Thaddea at first disliked Morrigan for being a Wundersmith. The two got closer, but after the blackmail note Thaddea was constantly upset with Morrigan. 


Thaddea is a feminine form[1] of the name Thaddeus, likely coming from Θαδδαιος (Thaddaios), the Greek form of the Aramaic name Thaddai, which is derived from a word meaning "heart."[2] It is also possible that Thaddeus may be related to the name Theodore from the Greek name Θεοδωρος (Theodoros) ("gift of god").[3]

The English name Millicent has roots from the Germanic name Amalasuintha.  The is derived from amal "work, labour" and swinth "strong." Normans would have probably introduced this name to England in the form Melisent or Melisende.[4]

Macleod, a variant of McLeod, is a Scottish surname from the Gaelic Mac Leòid meaning "son of Leod." The given name Leod is derived from Old Norse ljótr "ugly."[5]

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