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"This place had none of the charm of the Nevermoor Bazaar. . . the Ghastly Market felt like it had been spat on, walked over, and rubbed in the dirt."
―the feeling surrounding the illegal black market[src]

The Ghastly Market is a black market that sells illegal items and could be considered the 'evil twin' of the Nevermoor Bazaar. The market is held in secluded places (such as The Museum of Stolen Moments) in order to keep the Stink and the Stealth from finding the event and thereby shutting it down and arresting those involved.


Over time, The Ghastly Market has become more of an urban legend to Nevermoorians and especially wundrous society members, in an effort for a cheap thrill or scare, though the market is still in existence, it is rarely seen an a vast majority of the society before the events of wundersmith presumed it to be gone. Many associate the Bonesmen to the market as well.


People go to the market to find otherwise illegal items and services. These include: weapons, outlawed sorcery ingredients, smuggling individuals to or from the Wintersea Republic, human organs, exotic unnimal parts, wunimals, and other fantastical creatures among other items. Bigger ticket items, such as rare creatures, wunimals, individuals, and knacks are typically sold at a limited-seat auction held during the market.