The Wundrous Society, also known as WunSoc, is Nevermoor's most elite organization and institution. Those who are lucky enough to attend the school are lifelong members of the Society, whose membership brings respect, honor, and celebrity-like status for many. Each member receives a golden 'W' pin—to show non-Society (or Unwun) members who they are—and a golden 'W' imprint over the fingerprint on the index finger—to help Society members recognize each other.


In order to join the society, you must first be chosen by a patron, a person already in the Wondrous Society, and then pass a series of trials against hundreds of other applicants, of which only nine children will be chosen (who become a Unit). The first three trials differ each year, but the final trial, the Show Trial, is always the same: the child shows off their knack in front of a huge audience. Once you get into the Wundrous Society, you are given a little golden pin in the shape of a 'W' before the inauguration ceremony. Following the ceremony, a golden 'W' is imprinted into the skin of the index finger, which will distinguish you to other members.


For the first five years of education, the student is referred to as a junior scholar, studying almost exclusively at the campus. It is during these years that the Unit is assigned a Hometrain and conductor with their very own Wunderground station. The Hometrain acts as their transport to and from classes with the conductor acting as a guide helping the scholars navigate their education. The conductor helps organize class schedules and gets equipment for the scholars as well.


Depending upon the nature of the knack, the scholar is assigned into one of two schools at the Society: the Mundane Arts (for practical, public-facing knacks) or the Arcane Arts (for magical/supernatural, private-facing knacks). The Mundane is the larger sector, with the Arcane only containing almost a third as many members as the Mundane sector.

Wunsoc Campus

Proudfoot House

Proudfoot Station

The oldest Wunderground station in Nevermoor. This is where the hometrains arrive and depart from.

Whingeing Woods



Name Status Knack
Gregoria Quinn current unknown
Alioth Saga current unknown
Helix Wong current unknown
Omowunmi Akinfenwa past unknown

Teaching Staff

Name Knack Discipline Class(es)
Dr. Bramble unknown Creatures Magnificat Care
Brutilus Brown Wrestling (possibly) Sport Wrestling
Paximus Luck Illusionist Espionage Stealth, Evasion, and Concealment
Fingers Magee Dragonriding (possibly) Creatures Dragonriding
Henry Mildmay Cartography Geography Decoding Nevermoor (formerly)
Hemingway Onstald Timekeeper (stretcher) History Wundersmith history (biased)
Henrik von Heider Thief - Art Larceny Heist master class
Linda unknown, is a centaur Sport Roller Derby


Name Unit Number Knack
Marina Cheery 919 Tight-rope Walking
Toby 917 unknown

Junior Scholars

Name Unit Number School Knack
Lambeth Amara 919 Arcane Short-range Oracle
Cadence Blackburn 919 Arcane Mesmerist
Morrigan Crow 919 Arcane Wundersmith
Francis Fitzwilliam 919 Mundane Gastronomist
Alice Frankenreiter 915 unknown Shapeshifter
Will Gaudy 916 Mundane Composer
Mahir Ibrahim 919 Mundane Linguist
Anah Kahlo 919 Mundane Healer
Thaddea Macleod 919 Mundane Fighter
Heloise Redchurch 917 Mundane Throwing Stars
Freddie Roach 918 (possibly) unknown unknown
Alfie Swann 917 (possibly) Mundane Breathing Underwater
Hawthorne Swift 919 Mundane Dragonrider
Archan Tate 919 Mundane Pickpocket
Carl unknown Mundane unknown
Whitaker unknown Arcane unknown

Society Members

Name Knack Scholar(s) of Patron
Baz Charlton unknown Cadence Blackburn
Heloise Redchurch
Alfie Swann
unnamed boy
unnamed girl
Nancy Dawson Dragonrider (formerly) Hawthorne Swift
Chanda Kali Animal Attraction (Singing) unknown
Sumati Mishra unknown Anah Kahlo
Miss Mulryan unknown Mahir Ibrahim
Jupiter North Witness Morrigan Crow
Hester unknown Francis Fitzwilliam

Unit 919's Trials

Book Trial

Chase Trial

Fright Trial

Show Trial

Loyalty Trial

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