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Items listed below with no/red links are articles that need to be created. If you would like to work on a page that already exists, check the Expansion Needed Category for articles that need more information put on them to make them up to wiki standards. Items on the Things to Add to Wiki page should be worked on in order of the book they were found in if possible - though this is not a hard rule as everything on this list needs to be completed!

Please also make sure that if you create a page put as much information as you can on it! It's getting tiring seeing half started pages. (It's fine to leave parts if you aren't quite sure are right - you can leave a <!--note--> in the source editor code saying as much so we know where to fill in... but try your hardest).

As a side note: Behind the Scenes and Trivia do not need to be under the same heading all the time. Behind the Scenes is "trivia" related directly to the books (in-world/character information) whereas Trivia is "outside" facts (such as the author talking about the character, a real life place something is based upon, etc.)


If you don't know how to set up a page for a character, view Character Guidelines (under construction) or Morrigan Crow's page as it is the most complete in terms of layout and headings. Try to follow the order of the header layout on either page where possible so all character pages are consistent, thanks.

  • (Most "major" characters have been completed at this time. Please check back later for "stub" characters once more items in other categories have been completed.)


(try to use singular rather than plural when making a page except where proper names are used)

  • Book One
    • Nevermoor Transportation Authority
    • The Great War
  • Book Two
    • (Major items completed)


  • Book One
    • Wundrous Welcome


  • Book One
    • Hotel Deucalion
      • South Wing
      • Theater (also mentioned in book 2)
      • (Or check the Hotel Deucalion page for more possible room pages to add)
  • Book Two
    • Old Delphian Music Hall
  • Book Three
    • The Gathering Place (may want to link to Containment and Distraction and vice versa)
    • Ninth Floor Lake (Hotel Deucalion)
    • Nevermoor Opera House
    • Royal Lightwing Wunimal Hospital
    • Gossamer-Spun Garden‏‎
    • Nevermoor University


These items are important, but have so little information on them at this time (latest release: Hollowpox), there is no use creating a page yet for the following items:

  • League of Explorers
  • The Divine Thing
  • Kindling (section heading on the Wundrous Divinity page for now)