Items here with no/red links are articles to be created. If you would like to work on a page that already exists, check the Expansion Needed Category for articles that need more information put on them to make them up to wiki standards. Items on this list (other than the characters) should probably be worked on in order of the book they were found in if possible (in other words, let's finish items from book 1 before moving on to book 2, etc.) - though this is not a hard rule as everything on this list needs to be completed!


  • All significant characters have been given pages at this point. Lesser characters will be looked at in the future when there are less things to add in other categories


(try to use singular rather than plural when making a page)




These items are important, but have so little information on them at this time (latest release: Wundersmith), there is no use creating a page for the following items:

  • President Wintersea
  • The Divine Thing
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