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"One must consider the individual"
―heard during her session[src]

Dr. Valerie Bramble is an unnimologist and a professor who was first seen teaching a session at the Wundrous Society in a lecture theater on sub-three on the "Ethical Responsibilities of the Modern Unnimologist."[1] She was quite distraught after her Magnificat cub was stolen from her.[2] She later works on trying to find a cure for the Hollowpox disease with Dr. Lutwyche.


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Valerie is an English or German form of the given name Valerius.[3] Derived from the Latin valere "to be strong," it was used as a Roman family name.[4]

The surname Bramble comes from the Old English bræmbel "thorny bush."[5] It was probably used for people who lived near bramble-filled areas or as a nickname for someone with a prickly temperament.[6]


Notes and References

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