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The Wintersea Republic is located in the Unknown Realm and is made up of four known states: Far East Sang, Great Wolfacre, Prosper, and Southlight. There is a fifth state, the Free State, that is not part of the Wintersea Republic and is kept a secret although it is also located in the realm.


Far East Sang

Far East Sang is assumed to be a desert, though this is unconfirmed as of now. It contains an area known as the Silklands.

Great Wolfacre

Greater Wolfacre's main city, Jackalfax, is described by Morrigan as boring, and spirited only when Eventide comes.


The east coast of Prosper is separated from the Highlands of the Free State by the Harrow Strait, a very treacherous body of water.


Southlight has been mentioned to have 'slums' but nothing is known of its geography as of now.


The Wintersea republic is led by a 'President Wintersea', though it's unknown if the president was elected. Far East Sang is the only state known to have a Monarchy in place. Corvus Crow is the current chancellor of Greater Wolfacre, and he was elected multiple times.

Wintersea Republic Politics

The Wintersea Party is the residing government within the Wintersea Republic. Their known goals are the extermination of Wunimals and the expansion of their territory. The Wintersea Party is known to have taken control of the regions of Far East Sang, Great Wolfacre, Prosper, and Southlight by exerting force.[1]


Far East Sang is the only state known to have a Monarchy in place, led by the Royal House of Ra. Lamya Bethari Amati Ra is fourth in line to inherit the throne from Queen Ama (grandmother to Lamya)[2].



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Notes and References

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  2. Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow, Chapter 26 (The Auction) "member of the Royal House of Ra in Far East Sang, Princess Lamya is fourth in line to inherit the throne from her grandmother, the queen . . . enterprising Queen Ama"