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Wunder is a mysterious yet powerful magical energy source. People who control and manipulate Wunder are known as Wundersmiths. Wunder can be controlled and manipulated to create (and destroy) what would not typically be considered normal, such as breathing fire or creating a building made of waterfalls. Though Wunder is invisible to the eye when dormant, a Wundersmith can see Wunder once it has been summoned. Witnesses also have the ability to see Wunder through their unique view of the gossamer, even when Wunder has not been summoned.


Wunder is used for many purpouses, such as electrical lighting in the Wintersea Republic, provided by Squall Industries. It also serves as the source of power for Wundersmiths. If it becomes too built up, other, more powerful Wundersmiths can use it through inexperienced Wundersmiths, as demonstrated by Ezra Squall.


The origin of Wunder is unknown at this time.


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Below is a list of known ways a Wundersmith may use Wunder, also known as the Wretched Arts. The Wretched Arts were previously known as the Wundrous Arts, as stated by the Sub-Nine academic group. This list is not exhaustive and many of these methods may be combined to use Wunder in new and previously unexplored ways.

Usage Name Defining Feature Notes
Nocturne Summoning Wunder
  • Must sing to summon the Wunder
  • Makes Wunder go from dormant to active
Inferno Fire state of Wunder
Veil Shadowmaking
Weaving Using Wunder to create
Tempus Manipulation of time
Masquerade Becoming someone else, illusion wise


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