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Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow, by Jessica Townsend, is the sequel to Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow. It is the second book in the series of Nevermoor books. The book was published in 2018.


"This book is dedicated, with love and thanks, to the women who got me to the other side of it:

Mostly Gemma and Helen, but also Fumie Takino's squad of Japanese cheerleading grannies."

Book Description

Morrigan Crow has escaped her deadly fate and found a new home in the fantastical city of Nevermoor. She has also discovered that she has a strange and magical ability. But will her unique talent be a blessing or another curse?

Now that Morrigan and her best friend Hawthorne are proud scholars in the elite Wundrous Society, she is sure that she's found a place to belong at last, but life is far from perfect. Can Morrigan prove that she deserves to be in the Society - or will an unexpected new enemy ruin her new life?


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Chapter 1: The Angel Israfel

"Morrigan Crow, meet the Angel Israfel. None sing so wildly well."
―Jupiter North introducing Morrigan to his friend[src]

Spring's Eve, Winter of One

Chapter 2: Sisters and Brothers

"Sisters and Brothers, bonded for life,
Tethered for always, true as a knife.
Nine above others, nine above blood,
Bonded forever through fire and flood.
Brothers and Sisters, faithful and true,
Ever together, the special and few.
―Wundrous Society Unit Oath[src]

Spring of Two

Chapter 3: The Not-Tattoo and the Not-Door

Jupiter North: "Useful though."
Morrigan Crow: "What for?"
Jupiter North: "All sorts."
— Jupiter not providing any useful information[src]

Chapter 4: Hometrain

"That's how I want you to think of this place. As your second home. A place where you can feel safe and happy. Where everyone's got your back, and no question is a dumb question, and nobody's going to judge you."
―Marina Cheery[src]

Chapter 5: Dearborn and Murgatroyd

"Morrigan fixed her eyes firmly on this new face, watching the ghastly transformation unfold."
―The transformation of Dearborn and Murgatroyd[src]

Chapter 6: Missteps, Blunders, Fiascoes, Monstrosities, and Devastations

"Your kind are all dead. And if they're not, they should be."
―Professor Onstald's opinion of Wundersmiths[src]

Chapter 7: A Pinky Promise

"I know that Wundersmiths can be good . . . You are a Wundersmith. And you are good. I don't need any more proof than that."
―Jupiter North[src]

Chapter 8: The Living Map

"It was a perfect representation of Nevermoor in microscopic, moving detail. Not just a model town or a dollhouse village . . . a living, breathing, three-dimensional city."
―The living map of the city of Nevermoor[src]

Chapter 9: The Charlton Five

"Sometimes it seems like they're more loyal to each other than to their own units."
―Marina Cheery on the Charlton Five after they mess with Morrigan[src]

Chapter 10: Demands and Dragons

"Whoever is sending the notes is threatening all of [Unit 919]—we're in it together."
―Hawthorne Swift[src]

Summer of Two

Chapter 11: The Stealth

"They hardly ever show themselves like this, they're usually a bit more . . . you know. Stealthy."
―Jack Korrapati[src]

Chapter 12: Devilish Court

"Always retreat. Never think you can outwit the trick, never think you can overpower it, never think you can fight through it. Your lives are worth more than a shortcut."
―Henry Mildmay on Tricksy Lanes[src]

Chapter 13: Fire and Ice

"She would set the whole world aflame."
―Morrigan's fury[src]

Chapter 14: The Elders' Hall

"The High Council of Elders has a responsibility to all of those entrusted to our care. "
―Elder Quinn[src]

Chapter 15: You've Never Seen Anything More Bizarre

"She couldn't help giving the words themselves a bit of side-eye. She had, in fact, seen quite a few bizarre things. Most of them at the Deucalion."
―Morrigan reflecting on the bazaar's slogan[src]

Chapter 16: The Ghastly Market

"The Ghastly Market felt like it had been spat on, walked over, and rubbed in the dirt."
―The Ghastly Market's atmosphere[src]

Chapter 17: The Hotel Deucalion Academy For One

"Are you . . . telling me . . . I must teach . . . in this . . . this . . ."
―Onstald being appalled at where he has to teach in the Deucalion[src]

Chapter 18: Riddles and Bones

"The black gates to the garden were locked at this hour, but clenched in the teeth of a silver skull and crossbones mounted on the gates was another little envelope labeled 919."
―Looking for clues[src]

Autumn of Two

Chapter 19: Stolen Moments

"The Museum of Stolen Moments is much more than [a Spectacle]. It ought to have been declared a Phenomenon, or at least a Singularity."
―Squall's opinion on the museum's Wundrous Acts classification[src]

Chapter 20: Nocturne

"There it was. The now-familiar tingle in her fingertips. The swarming abundant feeling of contentment."
―Wunder gathering to Morrigan[src]

Chapter 21: Something Wonderful

Jupiter: "But just this once, understand? Only because you're with me, and only because I know exactly what this Tricksy Lane is hiding."
Morrigan: "Something wonderful?"
Jack: "Something unbelievable."
— Finding a lost Wundrous Art[src]

Chapter 22: The Treacherous Timekeeper

Henry Mildmay: "Seems like old Onstald is a stretcher of time. I can hardly believe it."
Morrigan: "Sounds about right. He's a stretcher of truths too."
— The aftermath of Onstald being found out[src]

Chapter 23: Hallowmas

"Come on, you three. It's All Hallows' Eve. Let's get chatty with ghosts."
―Attending the midnight séance on the roof[src]

Chapter 24: The Wretched Art of Inferno

"That feeling. That fire in your heart, that spark of anger and fear . . . the flickering, burning anger inside—THAT is inferno."
―Squall telling Morrigan she's experiencing inferno.[src]

Chapter 25: Traitor

"I should remind you that this isn't one of the Society's silly little tests, Miss Crow. This is real life. If you fail, there will be real consequences."
―Squall to Morrigan[src]

Chapter 26: The Auction

"You are the very worst and the very richest people we could think to invite, and for those two reasons it's been wonderful to have you here."
―The Auctioneer to the Ghastly Market crowd[src]

Chapter 27: None Sing So Wildly Well

"This is important—you must cover your ears while you run."
―Israfel to the escaped group[src]

Chapter 28: Closing a Window

Murgatroyd: "Well... she's not exactly Arcane, is she?"
Jupiter: "She's not Mundane either."
Murgatroyd: "No."
— Murgatroyd and Jupiter discussing Morrigan's schooling[src]

Chapter 29: The Final Demand

"Ladies and gentlemen. It seems we have another cause to celebrate this morning."
―Elder Quinn to the assembled Wunsoc community[src]

List of Deaths

Character Killed By Cause Of Death Circumstances
Hemingway Onstald Henry Mildmay (indirectly) Drowned/trampled/burned[1] while trapped After being sold to the Ghastly Market by Henry Mildmay, Onstald was chained to a giant clock while destructive scenes happened around him and could not escape



Trivia and Behind-the-Scenes

  • The motto for the book is "Stay Wundrous"
  • The books spans from the last day of the year (Winter of One) to just after Hallowmas (Autumn of Two) and, so far, covers the least amount of time from beginning to end (Nevermoor covers almost exactly a year's length of time).
  • The students in the newest unit always undertake a fifth and final trial in their first year at the Wundrous Society which varies from unit to unit. This is unmentioned until the end of the novel.
  • The Eldritch Murder Garden of Nevermoor was inspired by the real-life Alnwick Poison Garden in the UK.[2]

Notes and References

  1. The novel is unclear on the exact manner of death, but various destructive scenes included vast amount of water (drowning), large animals (trampled), and lightning or fire (burning) among other grisly ways that Onstald could have perished.