A Wunimal is an animal-human hybrid that exists in the borders of the Free State.


Wunimals are, essentially, anthropomorphic animals. They are "sentient, self-aware, intelligent creatures capable of complexities such as language, invention, and artistic expression, just like humans."[1] They exist alongside regular animals (also known as Unnimals), humans, and other creatures that do not fall into either the wunimal or unnimal category. Wunimals come in as many different types and forms as unnimals.

Major vs. Minor

A Wunimal Major would be considered to have mostly unnimal characteristics about them. They are closer to the traditional view of an anthropomorphic animal.

Wunimal Minors are more part-person, part-animal then their major counterparts. They typically will have more humanoid features compared to unnimal features to them (though in varying degrees). For instance, Dinah Kilburn appeared to only have a monkey tail whereas Professor Onstald was almost perfectly half-man, half-tortoise with a shell, leathery skin, and tortoise feet.


Wunimals are always to be called the animal type followed by the suffix wun. To call a wunimal it's corresponding unnimal name without the wun suffix is a highly insulting and near-unforgivable matter.

Mentioned Wunimals

Name Wunimal Type Major/Minor
Alioth Saga Bullwun Major
Brutilius Brown Bearwun unknown[2]
Dinah Kilburn Monkeywun Minor
Hemingway Q. Onstald Tortoisewun Minor
Iguanarama bassist Lizardwun Major

Behind the Scenes

  • Before she knows about Wunimals, Morrigan calls Dinah a monkey during the Show Trials. Hawthorne laughs, but tells Morrigan she can't actually call her a monkey.
  • Some magical beasts, creatures, and possibly beings, are not considered to be wunimals even though they possess many characteristics that wunimals do. This includes Magnificats and centaurs.

Notes and References

  2. Brutilius is mentioned to have paws though this does not necessarily make him a Wunimal Major.
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