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"She was the most elegant woman Morrigan had ever seen. She had style."
―Morrigan observing the Yule Queen for the first time[src]

The Yule Queen is a magical figure associated with Christmas. She is known for creating the fresh snow and giving Christmas blessings. Her real name is Stelaria.


The Yule Queen has a perceived rivalry with Saint Nicholas during the holiday season. While most people outside of the Free State have heard of Saint Nicholas, the Yule Queen is underrated as she is not featured in any ads or plays during the season. Supporters of the Yule Queen wear green and can be heard singing songs such as "The Yuletide Hymn" or "Green is the Color of My Cheer."

The rivalry finally culminates at the Battle of Christmas Eve held in Nevermoor's Courage Square. The battle showcases the two Christmas figureheads magical powers and abilities to the delight of the crowd, with the battle usually ending with no declared winner.

Physical Appearance

The Yule Queen is an elegant woman who adorns herself in a flowing green gown that takes the appearance of silk underwater. Most of her features take the appearance of snow or winter: she has pale, bloodless lips and white teeth, her soft hair —which falls to her waist in waves— is the color of fresh fallen snow, and her eyes (likely blue) are said to twinkle. Her Snowhound companion is also the color of fresh fallen snow with blue eyes and stands at ten feet tall, resembling a small snowy peak when in a crowd.


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